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PetAirapy Air & Surface Disinfectant - Salons, Spas, Mobile and More!

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  • PetAirapy Air & Surface Disinfectant - Salons, Spas, Mobile and More!

    Our new sponsor...

    PetAirapy has engineered products to help pets be safer, healthier and happier by keeping the air and surfaces around them clean. The best part – there is little work on your part!

    PetAirapy offers air and surface disinfectant systems to keep your van or shop free from germs and bacteria that can lead to outbreaks or infecting the pets in your care from illnesses such as Canine influenza, Kennel cough, H1N1, Parvo as well as allergens such as mold, pollens and other irritants. With our UVC germicidal light technology, germs, viruses and bacteria are killed quickly and effectively, leaving the air you and your clients breathe fresh and clean. You can reassure your clients that their beloved furry family members are as safe as can be in your care.

    Worrying if you cleaned your table, bath tub, or supplies well enough? With PetAirapy’s surface disinfectant systems, you can put that worry aside and focus solely on your work! Simply turn on your unit after each client and let the powerful UVC lights kill and eradicate harmful organisms that could be lingering on your tools, a simple wipe to remove hair and other debris and a soak under the UVC lights will be all you’ll need to have the confidence in keeping each and every client safe, healthy and happy while in your care!

    As a pet professional, you will receive a certificate to display in your place of business – allowing everyone to see the proactive steps you are taking to provide their pets with the best possible care and attention.

    For more info. In the photo attached you can see Dr. Marty Becker, veterinarian specialist from the Dr. Oz show. The photo was taken at the Global Pet Expo show when Dr. Marty Becker visited the PetAirapy booth and after reviewing the products endorsed them as products he highly recommends to kill off microbes for the pet and veterinarian industries.
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