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    How many take debit or credit cards?
    If mobile do you use it with your smart phones?
    Is it worth the cost?
    Do you get a break from the processing fees or a break in them?
    Do you use a independent source or your bank?


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    I just started taking credit/debit cards this past Nov. the fees aren't bad and my clients love the option. However I did raise my prices to cover the costs, & I offer a discount if they pay cash. The price increase wasn't just because of the card fees though it was just time. It's not to bad I'm not mobile so can't help with how to manage that.
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      I do not accept cards and neither does my vet. When I fill out a new client's info card, I have a small upright sign sitting on the counter, and all cards are filled out right behind the sign so new customers get a good look at the sign, and I do not have to remember to tell each new person. Works well for me.


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        We take debit but not credit.. the store we bought didn't take either so we figured debit would be enough... should have got the credit too. If it was just grooming I'd probably stick with debit but we have a full pet supply store too. Credit would be handy.


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          I think 80% of t he people that come in pay with debit/credit cards, the other 9% pay check and 1% pay cash...
          They love the option, since alot of people don't carry around checks anymore...We are a boarding kennel/grooming shop though, not mobile..


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            I would start by asking your bank. See what their fees are and what they offer in terms of portable devices. Then you can shop around to see if you can get a better deal. I can't remember what a reasonable fee would be. It is usually a % of your activity. Maybe other people who take them can tell you what a good fee would be.


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              We except Visa/Master Card Only. That way it covers "debit" cards too, seems they all can be run as credit cards today. I found the processing fees for accepting debit cards was much higher than excepting credit cards plus additional equipment is required. We have found their use growing expotentially, some days all of our transactions are on credit card. Shop around for rates. I found the lowest rate then went to my bank and they matched it. And I believe the fees we pay are deductible on taxes not sure on that one, the account takes care of it.


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                We use Intuit Merchant Services. They have an option to use a smart phone as a terminal, but we use a laptop with an air card and a USB card swiper. It works great in the van. Swiping the card gets you the lowest rates. We pay 1.69 % + .20 on each swiped transaction, it goes to 2.2% if you key the card number manually.

                We get paid within 48 hours of the transaction, and the monthly fee is less than $20. All is tax deductible says the accountant.

                About 60 percent of our customers use credit or debit cards. We only accept checks from established customers. Very few pay cash.

                We accept Discover, Master Card, and VISA. American Express charges too much for merchant fees, so we don't accept AMEX.
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