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    So a local major dog camp facility contacted me last year to become their groomer. I have a home-based salon. After researching her proposed contract, I turned the position down. They don't have a clue about grooming or the business. So I received a phone call from her yesterday saying that she is going to place an ad in the paper for a groomer & asked me what she should look for. She said she also contacted another trusted groomer in the area to help her out. She also said that she would have the potential new hire groom a test dog. I asked her that's great but what will look for in the groom to know if this is a good groomer? She said she didn't know. I told her I would put some thoughts together & email her back. Now I am thinking that this was a compliment that she asked & consulted with me. However, this new groomer will be my competition. I am also thinking if she wants my input she can get it on a consultation basis of X $ per hour because business is business. I do not want to burn any bridges with her & would like some help to not come across as a jerk, just a business person. Any experience out there?

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    You have your answer: business is business... and she's not going to be sending you any! So don't worry about burning that bridge! Politely tell her your consultation fee or let her bother someone else. Time is $$$.
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      I agree with bulldogmom. If I'm thinking of the right place, was told several years ago they didn't want to do grooming cause "Dogs hate to be Groomed" and they didn't want their doggies associating day camp with grooming. Seems now they are interested in the grooming dollars,, shrugs,,,,,wasn't very impressed, their "counselors" didn't interact with the dogs, just stood around with squirt guns, and any dog who misbehaved got a blasted in the face with the water gun. Good luck on their grooming adventure,,,lol