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  • Groomers Helper® is on the move.

    Dear Groomers,

    Groomers in the UK, Canada, Australia, and around the world have been paying over $350 for the Pro Set. We have tried to keep the price down in the US for many years but the cost of good and services have risen tremendously. We are not raising our MSRP but we will no longer be discounting.

    As of May 1st 2010 Groomers Helper® will no longer be discounting the Groomers Helper® product line. The current MSRP will be the price.

    If you always wanted a Groomers Helper® now is the time to invest in a Pro Set as the price will be $299.95 instead of the discounted price of $249.95 May 1st, 2010. The Starter will be $119.95 instead of $99.95.

    We will continue to give the $100.00 accessory set at the shows and online which includes Free Shipping as long as stocks last. That includes a Dryer Holder ($39.95 value) two new 3/8" loops ($25.00 value) and two Tether Repair Kits ($20.00 value) and Free Shipping a ($15.00 value).

    I guarantee or your money back that it will pay for itself very quickly and make you thousands of dollars more because the struggle is over. No more head droppers, biters, spinners, constant repositioning, sitters, one person can do nails on most dogs, head and face work on biting shih Tzu’s without having to hold the beard and on and on. Find out why most groomers on this board would not groom without it.

    You have nothing to lose but the day-to-day struggle. Remember May 1st is coming quickly. Intergroom will be the last show that it is $249.95 the next show will be $299.95.

    Thank You,