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    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a 5 month old poodle puppy used to the clipper in the face?


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    aThe easy way is to start when they are two=three weeks old.


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      I get them to start at home with an electric toothbrush a few weeks prior to grooming. It really does help a lot.
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        Clip often

        My own observations from my puppies are that some are OK with the clipper at a young age, then get worse and then get better. Some start out horrible from day one and get better over time but it can be a long a painful road. Some dogs never are completely OK and will continue to put up mild resistance for a long time. The ones that are horrible do best if you practice on them very often. The first several attempts may be lengthy and you wear them down during the exercise. Have the clipper turned on and rub it on their face, starting in the areas where they are most tolerated, praising and soothing them with your voice. After they settle down a bit, attempt to clip some off and then take a break when they get too upset and start over. Don't go for perfection. It takes time, and you will have to develop a relationship of dominance over them so that they will eventually submit. If you are only seeing this dog every month or less often, it will probably take a longer time. I notice that many puppies that I have had go through a period of rebelliion against the face or feet clipping at some point. My retired show bitch never liked having her face done, and though i could always get it done, it was not without a bit of cajoling and wrestling. Her puppy is the same way, I clip his face weekly to keep him in check.


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          Good suggestions, but remember, at 5 mos, the puppy is teething and his gums are sore. Don't think I'd want anyone fooling with my mouth when I had a tooth ache either.
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            how to get to Carnegie Hall....

            practice practice practice...
            patiently! :-)


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              When I did this with my poodle, I smeared butter on a plate and had a family member hold it up in front of him. He was so busy licking the butter that he didn't mind the clippers. You could also use cheese whiz or peanut butter, whatever the dog's favorite is.