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Nedd some advice for poopy Pom butt....

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  • Nedd some advice for poopy Pom butt....

    Had a call from one of my best clients last night about 10pm. She was a little upset because something was wrong with one of her Poms and she couldn't tell exactly what the problem was. She is an elderly lady with RA with 2 Poms and the one she was calling about is VERY obese and always has poop stuck to his butt. She thought that it(the poop) might be stuck on his rectum and not be able to poop. I told her I'd be right over so I check him and he does have poop stuck to his butt but not on his rectum. His butt was red and irritated so I clipped off the poop and washed the area and put on some antibiotic ointment. I am going to groom them in the morning. This is the thing: I groom him monthly and use a 15 to do his sanitary about 2" wide. His poop sticks to his skin and to his hair. I think he's so obese that when he goes to potty that he may sit in it. In other words I don't think his legs can hold him up long enough to squat. I hope that makes sense. This has been going on for about a year and I don't really know what advice to give her. I told her last night that maybe a little vaseline in that area might help keep it from sticking. I also told her that I'd be coming midmonth to do his sanitary. His tail sits low and she can't get down to see his butt so she has a hard time keeping it clean. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so what did you do about it. I was thinking maybe do his sanitary with a 30. Is that too extreme? I don't think the 15 is keeping it clean enough. He has very thick fast growing hair. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA
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    Too much wrong food

    The dog is fat, and his stool is not firm and normal. If he was fed correctly, his stool would not likely stick.

    Most fat dogs that I do get sticky butts, but it's the wrong food that makes them fat and makes wet stool.


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      he probably needs some desitin poop staying on his but is going to make it raw and irritated.


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        poopy pom

        she needs to keep a box of thick baby wipes and clean his butt every day, whetger he needs it or not. you can get the ones with aloe on them and that will help the situation tremendously !


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          If I had a raw and irritated butt I would NOT shave it with a #30!!! Ouch!!! For one, the difference is so minimal it won't matter in the long run. Especially if he is squatting in it-it will still stick either way. When I do a really good sanitary, I do a poop chute. Like, a strip down the base of the butt to down under the belly. Widen as necessary. You can also shave the bottom of the tail, or trim it short to keep it out of the way. And I'm not sure if his mom cares about appearance, but I would do my best to talk her into trimming his "pants" back there quite a bit as well.

          You can only trim so much hair until poop starts sticking to the skin. If mom truly cannot wipe him perhaps it is time to offer her a weekly wipe service?
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            I am impressed that you went over at 10PM!

            That is extremely nice of you. Hope she lives next door or somewhere close. I agree, diet and baby wipes.


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              Personally I think discussing diet with elderly pet parents is a bit like teaching a pig to sing. A waste of time, and annoys the pig.

              On the other hand, you might suggest she have El Porko tested for thyroid issues and/or Cushing's disease, as both are pretty common in Poms.

              And I think I'd back away from doing a really short sani, which can actually make things worse. A 10 is plenty short enough, and less likely to cause skin irritations. I'd also suggest the baby wipes, and maybe some corn starch if his bottom is red and irritated all the time.


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                I groomed this Pom this morning and I talked mom into letting me take more hair away from the hip area. I took most of that hair that makes the bubble butt off and made the sani about 3" wide from about 2" above the rectum all the way down. I know that seems like a lot but I think I removed any excess hair that poop can get caught on and left it where it can get plenty of air. His tail sits so low and he has so much hair back there that his butt stays moist a lot. Mom seemed pleased about what I did. I told her I'd be back in 2 weeks to keep the sani clean. I also talked to her about baby wipes and I did talk a little about diet but I doubt she'll do anything about that. Honestly I think Helly is right about thyroid or something causing the obesity in this dog. This lady has 2 Poms and feeds them the same(she says). The other one might be slightly overweight but this boy is VERY obese. I can't lift him. My husband carries him back and forth to the trailer and he has a hard time. The dog can't stand hardly at all anymore. I talked with the Mom a couple of months ago about the possibility of something medically being wrong and she took him to the vet and they just gave her the run around and said the only way to know was to run tests like that was a ridiculous thing to do. I know she should go to another vet but I don't think she can afford to do it. I think that sometimes these vets just think because a pet is severely obese then the owners are feeding them to death. I don't think that's always the case. I know it is a lot of times. This lady has 2 and the difference in their weight is remarkable if you ask me. Thanks so much for all the opinions and advice.
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