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    Dear Groomers,

    I wanted a way that we all could share in the Gold and help Groom Team USA to boot. So I designed a 2009 World Championship grooming loop as a commeration of their phenominal win in Germany.

    The first strikeoffs came in yesterday and I stiched them up and they look great. You can see a front and back at my blog take a look. The production run may be ready for PetQuest or the All American.

    This will be a great way to raise money for Groom Team and commerate their win. I will have a few at InterGroom for all to see.

    Remember to vote! The eleventh is this Sunday! They now have me listed as Charles Simons so don't get confused I am still Chuck!

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    Chuck, could I buy one at Intergroom? I won't be going to many shows this year and would really like one (or a few) of them!


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      are these "official" ? My experience is that the team or organization usually has their own official stuff that they pass off to be bought. Now yours may be that, just wondering.


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        Official as can be!

        Dear Doc,

        I could not use Groom Team USA Logo's of any of the five registered Trademarks unless it was official. I am a sponsor and advisor to Groom Team and have found many ways for Groom Team to make dearly needed funding.

        Yes they are official and the only ones of their kind. The Groom Team Board of Directors and I have been working on this project for the last 4 months. I actually had to make the material itself as nothing of its kind was available, then get them printed and assembled and stitched up.

        They are collectors items and commerate our Great Victory becoming the 2009 World Champions. USA IS #1 AND WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF OUR TEAM. They will be available from Groom Team USA online, at the shows and we will also make them available to anyone who wants to contribute. Support your Groom Team USA! Put your orders in now for the first ones.

        Sorry Winterroo, only 10 Samples will be available at InterGroom and I have a plan for them. But you can be the first to get the loops when they are manufactured.