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    How does everyone feel about letters to clients?

    I need to somehow notify/inform my clients of changes, I am not big on letters but I feel it is necessary this time. Heres the rundown:

    I changed the business name, just shortened it to be exact and added LLC. (do you advertise LLC or does that scream sue me?)
    I have quite a few clients who do not respect my policies, maybe I have not made them aware-that is a possibility, so they need to become aware.
    I raised prices. Some already have their checks written, so I need to inform them of the difference beforehand.
    I want to 'pimp' the use of the website, a lot of people do not utilize it.
    And I have added a new service.

    policies are:

    pets brought in on a lead or in a carrier-not responsible for escapees.
    Vaccinations-self explanatory
    Health concerns-I will not groom dogs with mange, maggots or ringworm
    Do not bring me a sick dog-vomiting, diarrhea, chronic coughing
    Aggressive dogs-will not do
    Fleas and Ticks-Extra charge for a flea bath when fleas are present-extra charge to pick ticks (more than 10 ticks) and I pick all I find I feel its my duty.
    Appointments: payment due at time of service, 24 hour cx policy, late pick up fee, no shows-3x and 48 hr advance prepaid deposit to hold appointment, business hours 8-5, closed wed, sat and all holidays.
    And I have included this :
    We are very proud to be able to offer grooming services in a home setting. We respectfully request your understanding while the business is in our home, before and after hours it is our home. Thank you.

    I have been chewed out for not answering my phone on my days off and on holidays-since I am home based I must be open 24/7 BUT I only do this for fun you know....

    I added an express service $xx on top of the grooming fee to do dogs straight through.

    And I want to include a release form, I have read and understand,etc etc.

    Suggestions? Comments? please be gentle, lol.

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    I don't think a letter is necessary, and it would be costly too. If I got a letter with all these new rules, I would not feel very welcome to your shop. Name change-not a problem since the clients already know where and who you are. Price increase? I post a notice on my door a couple months beforehand to let everyone know that it will be more NEXT time. I would eat the increase if the check is already made out, but let them know that it will be XX from now on. Most of what you mentioned can be done when the client checks in-release forms, vacs, etc. I too have a home shop, and most of the time, the machine takes the calls-I will cut in if I can if it's a client. I don't answer on my days off. I let the clients know from the beginning that it is by appt only-don't just stop by. My dogs are out in the yard when I'm not working.

    As far as getting them to your website-post pics of their pets, and let them know that they can see them online. You can even feature a different pet each week or month, and make the client curious to see if the featured pet is theirs.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

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      I'm doing the same idea right now and have been going over and over on how to go about it! Looking forward to the responses. I just redid my prices, got a brand new website, and wrote up policies(pretty much the same as yours).


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        I was a bit concerned that listing all the policies, even sending a letter might make people feel unwelcome.

        I guess my problem is I just enlisted the tick removal fees, I have spent an hour on dogs picking ticks before to the point I just had to stop, I got behind. I do have some people who know I am closed certain days and I do not answer the phone but they are ****** about it and offended when I tell them on those days I don't answer the phone, normally I am gone anyway.
        I added the express groom because trying to hurry has been stressing me and in turn the dogs become stressed and less cooperative, not a fun combination but they think when I advertise 'by appointment' it means theirs gets done now, but my meaning is, you have to have an appointment, I don't take walk ins..and I do have business hours.
        Price raising around her is touchy, OMG who can afford anything or everything is sooooooooo expensive.

        I will just post a sign for the raise and do the pet pics on the website, need to get them on there anyway. I need to share my website with the board but I am chicken, LOL. And my photos are not so great, Im a groomer not a

        I currently do not have a release form that includes my policies...should I make one up and include photo release and my policies, and matted dog clause? And just have them read and sign when they drop off?


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          First DO NOT pick ticks, I got erlichiosis and lyme just reading this ! As for those people who have no respect for your business hours, do not sweat it, make sure they know the hours and the next time anyone gives you grief over not answering the phone on off hours the next available is 6 monthe out for them. You need to get comfortable telling them that YOUR time is as valuble as theirs. Much luck growing a backbone and valueing yourself as much as theses folk do themselves.
          ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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            I pick the ticks with hemostats and I wear gloves, I hate ticks, I will freak out if I get one on me, even break out in an itchy rash, its all mental, lol, they gross me out so bad and scare me too because of the diseases.
            I have a few client who always proceed to pick them off and throw them on my floor or alive in the trash can, uh duh, I always tell them not to that I have a tick coffin handy, lol.
            I honestly had no idea about the E disease you listed, but I googled it, said you have to be bitten to be infected, according the mayo clinic info all tick borne diseases are from being bitten by an ifected tick. Human infection that is. Glad you listed them, I learned something useful!