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  • Fat & Ugly!

    Something I learned today is, I get so excited when I get a new breed (for me) on my books, just to get disappointed when the dog walks in the door Turns out, it's been a year ("or so") since her last grooming and she was caked in red mud.

    Had an Airedale on the books for today and was excited because it was to be my first. Well, my jaw hit the floor when this HUGE mop of a dog came rolling in looking more sheepdog-ish than terrier-like <sigh> it was a 7all with a 10 face and in few other places. no eyebrows, no beard, NADDA! I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. Airedale's really are NOT very attractive with a poodle face, especially when they are at least 40lbs overweight!

    OH WELL, there's always next year! lol

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    One of my favorites to groom and too rare around these parts. Sorry you didn't get to be an "artist" this time :-(


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      I feel for you it is a bummer cause if your like me you look at pictures and notes from the grooming table and make sure you know what you need.

      Of course you'd love to shave the really naughty mean biters in that style (LOL) just kidding they arent' very attractive with a clean face I did it on an old one once out of necessity


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        I don't know about other places, but around here airedale owners seem to wait a looooong time inbetween grooms. The one I did yesterday had NEVER been groomed and he was 18mos old. Had really cruddy hair too, even with carding out it didn't look right.

        And yeah, I imagine without eyebrows and a poodley face it probably looked a bit odd (no offense meant towards your grooming of course!)


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          Originally posted by prettydrake View Post
          And yeah, I imagine without eyebrows and a poodley face it probably looked a bit odd (no offense meant towards your grooming of course!)

          No offense taken, rofl She looked ridiculous, but she had dreadlocks 5" long hanging off her face and bottom jaw (well, all over really). It was like a CORDED Airedale, lol. You know, one of those really RARE breeds, hehe.

          Any who, better luck next time I guess


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            I know exactly what you mean. It's very disappointing. I had a portuguese H20..on my book Tuesday and I hadn't done one since I left the corporate store a year and a half ago. I was excited and then an overweight cocker with a tail walked in. I have no idea who told them their dog was a water dog. They were seriously mistaken. Oh well, take the good with the bad I guess.


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              Originally posted by neanea View Post
              I get so excited when I get a new breed (for me) on my books,
              I got to "groom" a Bull Terrier last week! NEVER seen one in person much less groomed one awesome dog!!

              I can only imagine what your fat airedale looked like with a poodle face; NOT pretty in the least!!!!
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                awe I feel for you! Not trying to rub salt in the wounds but I just got my first Airedale! A client of mine lost her other dog recently and just adopted a 9 month old! I've never really groomed one before, helped a bit in school, but I love grooming terriers. Owner told me to do WHATEVER, she doesn't care!


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                  Aww what a bummer. We do about 6 or 7 Airedales and they all look like they should, though they'll sometimes come in looking scruffy. I'm reminded of the Wheaten that comes in who looks like a huge Westie. She is absolutely solid, never seen one built like her before.


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                    ya know that reminds me of the one shop i worked in....the owner of the shop told me she saw this guy with an airedale at one of the county fairs and she went up to him and asked him who groomed the dog. he told her he did. she polietly handed him a card and told him to give her a call one day. day came around and the guy walked in with the dog....and it was all i could do to NOT turn around and bust out laughing! this poor dog...the back looked fine...but the LEGS! looked like he had stuck a toe in a light socket and gotten zapped! poor poor dog! and he was such a friendly goofy looking dog too!
                    after teh guy left i laughed so hard i thought i was going to pee my pants LOL!


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                      NeaNea -One good thing about Airedales

                      Besides the fact that they look incredibly good when properly groomed, one thing about Airedales is that their leg hair is almost always salvageable. Since you haven't done many, you may not know this, but their leg coat is usually a relative breeze, so don't judge the legs the way you would a typical Poodle or Shih Tzu. Airedale leg hair can usually be made to look like you performed a miracle.

                      I have groomed many of them, and dreadlocks are actually NOT bad (usually) and may not mean a shave off. The beard can be a bit tough if matted, but if the dog is good you don't need to save a lot to make a decent Airedale muzzle. And the legs are usually amazing, in that you can cut down fairly short, then brush out what matted/clumped/corded areas are left, and have a fantastic looking dog! Really! Don't be scared by clumped legs IF (and only if) the dog is tolerant and has a good attitude. The leg coat is usually thinner and frizzier than the body coat, and I have salvaged many Airedales that look like they need an allover shave and come out looking very smart! One lady had tears in her eyes because she did not know that the Airedale that they adopted could actually look like a "real" Airedale like she had seen on TV!!


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                        I do this, too! It drives me nuts--or rather, I drive MYSELF nuts! I CRAVE new breeds to keep my skills up on,,and out here,,I am fortunate to even see some, let alone groom them. I am planning on opening up a boutique and spa in Madison so I can not only expand, but groom more breeds and avoid the sometimes boredum or disappointment I feel- NOT that I am ungrateful for a single one of my clients- they are my bread & butter!! Maybe I should just get a puppy of a handful of different breeds and shut my mouth...then,,I don't think I would have an Aire in my house,,I am not woman enough!
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                          We have an Airedale that comes in the kennel a lot and the owner always got him bathed before going home but got him groomed else ware. I was dying to groom this dog so the last time he came he needed a groom so I took a huge chance and groomed him. I only charged for a bath and told the owner what I would charge for a groom if she liked the groom and would let me do it. Anyhow my gamble worked she loved it and will be having him groomed by me from now on. This guy is well taken care of and was so much fun to do. Sorry you had to clip yours back, maybe you could give the owner a call in a few weeks and offer a good price on an in-between bath and brush so that the dog is in good shape next time he needs a groom. I do this with 2 of my customers and it has worked out great- sometimes you have to look at the experience and not the money.

                          The funny thing is that while talking to the owner of the Airedale I found out she got the dog groomed at the school I went to.


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                            It is disappointing

                            The days when we can't transform a dog into a beauty. So just turn your gaze to your own beautiful dogs and know you always have them for your talent and creative outlet. BTW, For the grooming in the future thread by MY Lady. I have that perfect dog who is well bred, behaves and is a perfect, well adjusted good little girl. She even lets me put all those pills down her throat with no problem and comes to me after she eats knowing the pills are next. I am teary telling this.


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                              I agree with debbiedogs, the legs ARE usually quite salvagable on airedales! I only ever had one old boy for a client, and he died (old age at 14) middle of last year riiiiight before my terrier exam where I had to groom an airedale! lol! But since then I've gotten two puppies come in for their first grooms (one 'replaced' the old boy I did, the other was referred to me by the breeder who had helped me work on my exam notes etc!) I'm SOOOOO happy to have the two puppies!!! lol!!

                              But yes, I too was rather disappointed the other week, I had a new norwich terrier coming in, now I know they're not even all that interesting, but I have never seen one around here before, let alone groomed one, so was excited to have a new breed, just to say I've done it! Turns out he's 11 years old with a ******** coat, and she doesn't like the 'skirt thing', just short all over. *sigh* Ah well, we live in hope hu!