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    Well, since it looks like I'll be looking for a new job, I thought I'd ask. I saw someone did 20 dogs in a day! That seems like a TON to me. How many dogs a day do you average? In an 8 hour shift, I do between 6 and 8. I bathe all my own dogs too. For those of you doing more than a dog an hour, do you have someone bathing?


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    I work as a bather and our standard is 6 dogs in an 8 hour day, beyond that and we need approval from the groomer. Most will take a 7th or 8th if they are all small dogs. We Schedule one start an hour for the first six hours, so that they have at least two hours from the last arrival to the end of their day. If it is a large full groom (think st poodle) then it cant be within 3 hours of the end of their day to be safe. Each groomer has additional things they will or wont do (only one does cats, and another is pregnant and wont do dogs over 30lbs) but those are our basics to keep us from overbooking.


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      I typically do between 12 - 15 dogs per day. I am the only groomer but I do have someone who comes in and bathes/dries for a couple of hours. Lots of work but the payoff is rewarding - lots of happy clients!


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        believe me, if someone is doing 20 a day, they have a bather;or they are speed. you know like waitresses; turn and burn. some groomers charge $20.00, and that is what you get! Take your time and do a good job! the good people will appreciate it! if you do a good job, you will succeed and have good customers. the cheap peeple deal with all the bad animals out there! walk tall and be proud!!!


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          The people doing 20 dogs a day most likely have staff helping them. Be it bather, receptionist, etc. I have a groomer friend who will groom 10-15 a day and does bathe some of them himself, but when I worked with him I took care of as much as I could so he could just sit and groom.
          Those that claim to do 20 a day by themselves, well, it can also depend on what they are grooming. Give me 20 bassetts, beagles, pugs etc and I'll be done by noon! LOL, but seriously, they are heading for a very short career in my opinion or simply a very unhappy one down the road full of burn out. I like to be able to enjoy what I'm doing, getting the know the dogs/cats etc. I used to be required to do 11 a day without any help and I put in long hours to do that as I always had about an hours worth of paperwork at the end of the day and a good hour of cleaning as I always kept the salon spotless, at least once all the dogs were gone LOL. It wore on me. I had to move out of state and went to work for someone that was happy with me doing 6-8 and I had a bather to use if needed. LOVED it. Got to really enjoy my work and get everything just right. If I had a difficult dog, it didn't completely complicate my day by putting me hours behind etc.
          I think the average I have heard from most is 6-8 in a salon and I've almost always had a bather.
          Now I am mobile. I went mobile because I have 2 small children. Well, one is now almost 7 and my other just turned 4. When did THAT happen? Anyway, being mobile I make my own schedule and work nights and weekends so that I can be home all day with my son and get my daughter to and from school. I have the advantage though of having my husbands income and what I make is not the main source of what we depend on. I read your other post and for me, family always comes first. I worked for a vet for a long time (the one who required 11 a day) and though he could be a real pain to work for, family always came first for him, no questions asked, and he'd never ask anyone of his employees to not do the same. Our children are young for such a short period of time, and then it's gone. I'd tell my boss where to shove it after I found another job.
          Wish you were in my area, I know of at least two salons looking for groomers.
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            Anywhere from three to five dogs. Once did seven, when I brought mine in I work as a dog bather.


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              I do 5 from 10am - 3:00-3:30
              Am im am hustling! I cant do any more than that.


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                Define a day. I once did a total of 19 dogs in a "day" because the other groomer had to go to the emergency room (appendicitis). But it wasn't an 8 hour day, and there were several bath only dogs on the schedule.

                It makes a difference if you have a bather and/or receptionist, too. I could probably do 20 grooms a day if someone else was bathing and prepping.

                Other than that, I can't really give you a number. I work 8 hours. I might only do 3 dogs, if they're all standard Poodles. Or I might do 10 if I have a "little white dog" day.


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                  I have a bather and I do between 7 and 12 a day, depending on breeds. I get a lot of Std. Poos and Doodles that are maintained (not shavedowns), so the big, time consuming dogs can limit me to the lower end of those numbers.
                  (And I'm slower now, and I don't care, days of 15 dogs are well behind me, thank Gawd! )
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                    We are allowed to do a mix of baths and grooms. Last week, for instance, I did an average of 12 dogs per day total (with about 3-5 of those per day being baths).

                    Grooms only, I think my limit is 8... I can get my speed to about one dog per hour or hour/half (depending on if it is a good coat or not). Of course if I get one of my regular standard poodles, they still take me about 2 1/2 hours. None of my big girls seem to like getting clean feet. The struggle can take me down for the count (7 months pregnant!).

                    However, my job will make me stay late as long as there are grooms..and have done 12 hour days grooming 10-12 dogs (not bathing). Had several of those days in a row the week before Easter... It'll wear you out!

                    I took heed of something I read on here once... That last 15 minutes you spend on your groom.. only YOU will see. I've learned to walk away and I'll always just recheck them later to make sure there is nothing really annoying (and then I'll just go in the crate with the scissors and do a few more snips). That 15 minutes early, x 6 dogs, for instance... That's an extra hour and a half of my day back!


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                      I work 7-7.5 hrs grooming and usually do 5 or 6.. I also have a pet supply store so I'm back and forth a lot. I've been grooming for 3 years. My part timer has been grooming for 4 and she does 5 or 6 in 8 hours. We both bathe all of our dogs, check in and out, make appointments, etc.


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                        What I want to know is how long did it take everyone to do 6 dogs in an 8 hour day without a bather and bathing system. I have been grooming in a shop almost a year now and I can do 4 haircuts and a bath, the other groomer I work with does 6-7 and finishes before me , I feel like such a snail.


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                          You need to remember some people are fast by nature, and some not. it takes time to build up speed and experience goes a long way. I did 12 roday, no bather or anyone but me. a chow,2 bb's the rest easy simple clips. I average 10 a "day" I sopen at 7;30 close at 6 3 days and 3 to 4 two days, but mostly regulars , not hard oays or fussy st poos. When I have the st. poos I book only a few other regulare for a break from all that hair!
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                            Thanks, I appreciate the perspective. No luck in my search today. If anyone knows of a place in the Kansas City area looking for help, please let me know.



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                              For me it has really only been the past 12-18 months that I've been speeding up. I've been grooming now for 4.5 years.
                              Yesterday I did a bit of a test on myself, as I often have days where I have a help or I have a work experience student in (that can either help me, or slow me down... ya never know! lol) but yesterday I worked 100% alone.

                              I timed exactly how much time I spent grooming dogs (ie, from first thing in the morning until I was done, minus any breaks where I wasn't grooming a client)
                              I had two dogs not turn up at all so I was giving my girl a much-needed brush out! I didn't count that time at all, I only counted the time I spent on clients.

                              I worked for only 5.5 hours. I did 9 full grooms 100% by myself, including answering the phones and taking in the dogs, sending them out, bathing drying etc etc. I say 'full grooms' because every single one was bathed, dried, clipped and finished up, including ears and nails done. There were no 'bath only' or 'tidy up' sorta trims at all. Most of them were pretty simple 'short all over' sorta grooms though! Because I was also testing myself, I took a photo of every single finished dog to make a wee collage up, just for the fun of it!

                              Click image for larger version

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                              There was also a mini poodle and another mini schnauzer booked in that were no-shows, and seeing I only worked 5.5 hours for those 9, I could have easily fit the other two in as well!!!

                              BUT, like I said, a year or so ago there's no WAY I could have done that many!! I'm still shocked I CAN do this many, [i]so easily[/i]. I still find it [i]really[/i] hard to tell a client they can come back in an hour and their dog will be done though, cos I feel like I'm gonna be far too pushed to get all the dogs done and be able to have them done within an hour! I find it so hard, that 90% of the clients I'm still telling them to come back in 2 hours. It's not until I'm DOING the dogs that I'm looking at the clock and realising it's nearly done and the dog is gonna have to wait for ages until it's owner comes back... lol. Honestly, 5-6 was my normal day before, pushing it would be 8 in a day. I'd do 8 in a day ok if I had help though, and sometimes even 10. At christmas we'd do 10-15 in a day with another groomer (though I still did the bulk of the 'grooming' and they did the bulk of the bath/dry/brushings, the other person could, and did, do some 'grooming' too). This christmas just gone, I was doing 10-15 a day 100% by myself. !! !!

                              Don't stress it! Honestly!!! I never [i]ever[/i] thought I could do this much easily and happily, I was happy with my 6-8 a day last year! It paid the bills and my wages, and I kept learning and improving as always. Just don't stress it, if you're going to speed up, you will with time, and you won't even realise it until all of a sudden you test yourself and do 9 dogs easily in 5.5 hours. LOL!