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  • Heart broken {ot}`

    Wilma Mankiller, my heroine and leader for much of my adult life has taken the spirit path. She was the type of person you would follow to the ends of the earth, she would not ask, nor allow you do that she would not. She brought the Cherokee out of the dark ages and with her own two hands dug ditches and laid water lines to communitys that the state would not help,all the while laughing and saying this we can do for ourselves, so in her honor I say Ga=du gi , to all of us, meaning we can do this ,or self help. Thanks for reading this. Wa-do
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    I know exactly who you are talking about. Man read anything she has said and you will be beyond impressed. Genus, heroine etc to say the least. Exceptional person!!!


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      She walks the Spirit World now because her work is done.
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        I just did a quick read about her, and what an amazing and influential woman she was. a time and place when it was not so cool to be such an amazing and influential woman. Her people and Nation were clearly part of her heart. She sounds to have been a wonderful person to have so touched your life, as well as so many others. I am sorry for the loss odette.
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          I'm so sorry Odette. Her passing is a loss to us all.