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I feel like a stripper!

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  • I feel like a stripper!

    I do! Mostly because out of my 8 dogs today, 5 were strips due to matting! 2 5a/o's, one 7a/o, and even one 10a/o. The 10er was cute, a little toy poodle that I gave a donut mustache to.

    But this crazy wet weather has been causing crazy-type mats in all the dogs.

    So yeah, I feel like a stripper :P

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    Did you play any stripper music?


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      Is that because you had a dog climbing the pole?
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        i dont understand why you might be complaining!! happy days. easy work.


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          Bow chicka bow bow...


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            shaving down matted dogs isn't really easy, you have to be extra careful not to cut and not to cause clipper irritation. and if they are bad enough to need a #10 strip that probably takes triple the amount of time to shave down. my goodness pawsonwheels, are you just trying to stir up trouble? Rushing through a matted shave down groom is a sure way to cause clipper irritation, just like that poor dog on the other thread w/ his matted testicles.
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              Well I dunno about stripper music, but since I was by myself for the last hour and a half I turned the music up really loud and boogied a little bit around the table

              And no, it wasn't really an easy day. The matted dogs were: bichon, goldendoodle who was so big there must've been horse in there, toy poodle and a cockapoo. Then I also had an airedale (which is my nemesis haircut, srsly, I always mess up on them ever since I almost failed my test dog a year and a half ago), a wiggly maltipoo who also decided to be a nipper today, and two baths (those weren't bad).

              I just this week started doing eight dogs a day; I've been doing about 5-6 for a while and decided to try and step it up. So I was there about 9 hours + cleaning time, but that didn't matter to me, I'm just proud that I can do more dogs now and still have quality grooming