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  • Please advise...long

    Hey guys, I don't post often, but I've been regularly visiting the forum for a couple of years now. I work for a corporate grooming salon that is part of a pet supply store. I manage the salon, and also am a mentor for new and soon to be groomers. I have a huge problem. My general manager came to me today and informed me that since a particular score that the corporation tracks is low, all employees are required to work 6 days a week until it is back up to goal. Now, I understand the store and the salon are a "team" and should work together...but the store side does next to nothing to help us out, while we often cover for them and help them whenever possible. This score tracks customer satisfaction. Rarely do the grooming customers get a chance to do one of these surveys, and when they do, our scores are high. But the store side of things is a different story.

    Long story short, this score is not an issue for the salon. I have a life outside of work. I am a single mom, and my daughter comes first. This means putting her in daycare another day a week, when she's already there 11+ hours the other 5 days. He is not approving overtime for this. I still have to stay under 40 hours a week. So where does the money for the extra day come from? I'm not the only one having a hard time with schedule conflicts. Besides, we are booked in the salon. I am expected to do the same number of dogs a day, with less hours to do them in. In order for this to work, I have to move appointments around! He doesn't care! He said to make it work.

    We've been battling this score for 2 months already. I doubt making us all work an extra day a week is going to make a difference. He said it is a punishment to those that aren't doing what they are suppose to to get the score up. Ugh, now I'm just venting. But he and I went round and round about this all day. I am seriously considering looking for a new job. Who knows how long this will last. And what the heck am I going to tell my poor daughter, who already begs me not to go to work, or to come pick her up early?

    Please, what would you guys do?


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    my choice was to leave the company. I had issues with my scheduls and my Mom, who at the time was living at our home. It just seemed to be one thing of another.


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      Are there other grooming jobs available in your area?

      If so, I would look for a new job. It doesn't make sense to punish the salon for the retail side's poor performance. Also, your daughter is your first priority. They sound like they don't really care about their employees. Good luck!


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        Your most important job is being a mother. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT work an extra day!!! They would have to fire me. It is that simple.

        I worked as a manager (not in grooming) at a box store for a couple years, well over a decade ago. I eventually quit because of the ridiculous corporate NONSENSE. I just don't have the patience to play their games.

        You work so you can pay your bills and LIVE YOUR LIFE!
        "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce


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          Sort of reminds me of the tee shirts I've seen: "The Floggings Will Continue Until Morale Improves".

          I don't see where having a burned-out/burned-up staff is going to help make them more friendly and helpful to the customers.

          I'm with the others - time to look for another job.


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            Oh HELL NO !!!
            You already said it, your daughter comes first, 11 hours in day care 5 days a week. I used to have to do the same thing 15-20 years ago. Someone else pretty much raised my kid because I was afraid of losing my job or standing up for myself. Guess what, lost my job anyway pretty much because of my kid.
            I used to be to work between 7 and 7:30, my job to open the shop. We lived approx. 1/2 hour from the shop so my kid got dropped off at daycare around 6:30 am. Because I also had to close the shop and could not leave until the books were done AND the owner was always 1/2 hour to and hour behind on her dogs I rarely got out of there before 7 my dad picked him up from daycare by 4 pm for about 1 1/2 years, then my dad died during a heart surgery. So I had to pick my son up which I should have been doing all along. So when I told the boss (it took me almost all day to tell her and I was shaking) that I would need to leave no later than 5 pm to make it to daycare (this was about a week after my dad died) her only concern was who was going to do the books. No 'i understand' , but who is going to do the books. Somehow my mouth opened and I told her it was her effing shop, do it herself', then the butt chewing began-it was just like me to screw her over after all she had done for me, and I don't remember the rest. Gee sorry my dad died and I have to take responsibity for my kid. Anyway, nothing was the same after that, she took dogs away from me, took days away from me, made going to work a living hell. I would start shaking 5 miles before I got to work, took me 5 minutes to collect myself and get out of the car and then walk into the hornet's nest.
            Then I never got out of there at 5 pm, she would schedule my dogs out at 5:30 and no one else would stay and let them out for me. I drove an average of 90 mph to try to make it to the daycare by 6 pm 30 miles away. I never made it on time, paid a lot of late charges and the daycare was going to drop my son because we were a pain. Nevermind I could have killed someone or myself driving that fast down our backwoods country roads.
            Oh, it got so bad working for her I had to quit, I couldnt take it anymore. So thats what happens when you have kids and work for a greedy selfish person and or corporation.
            Don't let them push you around and if they fire you, collect unemployment, they are not the only place in town. Hit up some of the vets who may not have a groomer. Where there is a will, there is a way. Man I hate selfish people! Lifes too short for that ****.


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              I'm with doubledogdare

              Love that T-shirt saying!! Yes, how will making everyone suffer improve morale, or teamwork, or employee satisfaction, or ANYTHING!!

              Are they crazy?????????


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                If your daughter were to be grown up, and came to you with the same scenario,...seeking your advice, what would you advise her to do?

                Over time, she WILL learn from you...what is acceptable treatment at work, and what is not. But only if you begin to set the example now.

                By taking good care of yourself, you will be showing her how to do the same,....and you both deserve it.
                Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                  Thanks guys. That's kind of what I was thinking too. Time to move on. I'll start looking for other opportunites first thing in the morning. It will be my ONLY day off this week. Ugh! It just makes me soooooo angry! I don't feel I should have to be put in this situation.

                  There are a few privately owned groomers in my area. I'll get a resume together and send it out to them. Any advice to someone wanting to go from corporate to privately owned? Eventually I want to open my own salon. I'm actually in school now for a degree in small business ownership. Wish i had the capital to do it now...

                  On a side note, I bought a lottery ticket today. Maybe the start up capital is on its way! Ha!


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                    You could be starting your new career as professionally retired lottery winner!


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                      Find another employer. Your daughter is already in daycare 55 hours a week, yet somehow you are keeping your work less than 40 hours? Not only does that not compute, there is no way you are getting paid enough to pay for the daycare, let alone be paid enough to miss your daughter growing up! Any employer that punishes one group due to the inabilities of another is not an employer you should be working for.


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                        "Your daughter is already in daycare 55 hours a week, yet somehow you are keeping your work less than 40 hours? Not only does that not compute, there is no way you are getting paid enough to pay for the daycare, let alone be paid enough to miss your daughter growing up!"

                        I commute an hour and a half to work each day. I drop her off at 6:30 and pick her up at 5:30, 6 ish. On super busy days, sometimes its later. I know, I'm crazy for having such a long commute, and that's adding to the problem. It's just how it worked out after my divorce and all. Cheaper to live up here with my friend, even when considering gas. And as for daycare, I'm lucky to have found such a great one. It belongs to my sisters friend, so I get a decent deal. And they are absolutely wonderful with my daughter.

                        Does that make more sense?


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                          Mama, what kind of relationship do you have with your doctor? The reason I ask is because I know if I were in your situation I could go to mine, explain what's going on, and he'd put me on restrictions. Or, in my case, increase my restrictions, because I'm already restricted to no more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

                          So, if you have a doctor who'll work with you, go talk to him/her. Then you can present your written restrictions to your general manager, and take yourself off the slave duty roster. And if they fire you for it...well, you have legal recourse.


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                            I ran into a situation similar to this. But I was a REALLY new groomer and was afraid of putting my resume out there because I though no one would be interested. I finally bit the bullet and ended up getting hired at the first place I tried...within fifteen minutes of dropping off my resume and portfolio, I might add. Corporate salons aren't all bad. the facilities were very good where I worked and the customer base was good. It was also very nice to have insurance. Keep the insurance in mind before you give your notice as not a lot of small, private salons will be able to offer it and that could be a problem since you have a child. I think the biggest problem with most corporate pet store salons currently is that upper management tends to be unreasonable and hard to work with. =/


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                              Is it not illegal to MAKE someone work over 40 hours??
                              Can they fire you for saying no? I wouldn't think so...