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What made you choose your location?

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  • What made you choose your location?

    I am currently (and have been since January) looking for a commercial location for my business. (I currently run the business out of my home and have been for over a year, and we're ready to move commercial.)

    I am having SUCH a hard time finding a place that will accommodate dogs. Why is it so hard?

    Any tips? How long did it take you to find the perfect location, and what made you choose that location?

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    I started looking in Nov. and finally the right place just FOUND ME in February. Before signing the lease in my current location, I'd almost signed the lease on another place that was double the money and the location was not nearly as good. Funny how, when the time is right, things just seem to work out for the best.

    Keep looking, YOUR place will come along when the time is right! Remember, everything happens for a reason


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      I have found -

      Larger cities DO have some places that don't want dogs, but grooming seems to be more accepted there than in some small towns I've been in! So it depends...


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        where are you located? mobile is the way to go!! if you add the cost differencial, you will be ahead!


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          Originally posted by pawsonwheels View Post
          where are you located? mobile is the way to go!! if you add the cost differencial, you will be ahead!
          I am not interested in going mobile.


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            Mobile in my town would bankrupt me. PERIOD. It is not for everyone nor is it for e very client, NOR is it profitable in all situations. I crunhced numbers a few years ago with Dina Perry and Curtis Hanvey. BOTH decided with my overhead it would make o sense to go mobile. I found my salon in 2 problem finding a place that took dogs. In fact, they did the plumbing buildouts and put down vinyl flooring for me at no cost to me.
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              It's hard to find locations that accept grooming shops because most people have absolutely no clue what is involved in what we do. If it's the space owner/manager that you have trouble with, you have a shot at explaining our business. You know, stuff like.... no we don't give them a bath like a human taking a bath(fill the tub/lots of H2O use).... no we don't leave dog poo/pee outside(eyesore/smell/safety)..... no we don't allow excessive noise(disturbing others)... no they don't stay overnight, etc. If you are dealing with the government end of it, that is much more problematic. I've been waiting for over a year for the business that I'll be renting space from to wade through city hall codes/rules/politics so they can open. If you are going to try fighting city hall, have patience, deep pockets and a lawyer on retainer. Better to reconsider the choice of city usually.
              Do LOTS of homework on potential sites because once you sign on the line, you are committed.


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                I too am on the look out for a place to rent. I haven't been looking very hard, I've just been kind of browsing and keeping an eye on what's available. When the perfect place comes along...I'll know. I think it just has to do with being patient and knowing exactly what you want.