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Any relief from itch feet?

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  • Any relief from itch feet?

    Has anyone ever found a good solution for dogs that chew on thier feet constantly?

    The Cava-Poo I just did had skin allergies and they said she was on a vet diet (I forgot to ask which one)

    Has anyone ever found a soak or shampoo that helps this and or what type of diet is best Lamb? NO grains?

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    they make products to detour licking and chewing they may want to try bitter apple or bitter lime spray . some dogs like the taste but majority of them do not which does stop the licking and chewing.


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      Just say NO to corn!

      Hello! Corn is a known allergen to dogs, often causes them to bite at their front paws.


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        A few of my clients have had really good results with no grain kibble. Others it seems to just be stress/boredom... but who knows!


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          If it really is allergies they can have allergy tests done to find out exact causes and then they might do a better job of avoiding them and reducing the problem that way. While food may make allergies worse, and sometimes cause them too, things like pollen and mold are more common. You could suggest wiping off the dogs feet with a wet rag when he comes in from playing in the yard, if it is a contact allergy that may help. A cone of shame when they are not home can help too.
          I have learned a lot since a friend adopted a frenchy with crazy allergies a few months back, right now she bathes it every other day because pollen counts are high and she has found that the best method to avoid emergency trips to the puppy allergist and a round of steroids. Thank goodness it is a small dog!


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            Ah, foot chewing. I'm a self-taught expert on the subject. For the first 6 years of his life, Wyatt had such horrible problems with allergies (we later discovered an allergy to grain) that he would chew all four feet to bloody ribbons. He spent his summers in dog booties but, left unattended and unchecked, he would've gnawed his feet off given half a chance.

            OK, symptomatic relief. First off, keep the feet as dry as humanly possible. In Wyatt's case, his chewing caused these awful yeast infections in his paws...and on a white lab, they quickly turned a ketchupy red which brought curious glances and the occasional, "Did he step in something?", from strangers on the street. Gold Bond powder works great for keeping the feet dry and Monistat (actually, Wally World's Equate Brand works just as well) works pretty well (for mild cases) in providing relief from the insane itching as well as helping the skin to heal. For really severe outbreaks, a prescription for Mometamax was in order. I usually slathered his foot in the stuff at night (and by slathered I mean GOBS, SCADS, TONS, of cream) popped on a booty, and everyone went to bed. Usually within a week the yeast had disappeared and the foot chewing subsided to the occasional surreptitious *lick* when he thought nobody was looking - by then it had become something of a habit - sigh. In between outbreaks, even to this day, we spray inside the pads and between his toes with a 50% vinegar/water mixture after he comes inside (especially if he's gotten his feet wet). The vinegar prevents yeast from growing.

            The cure for the whole thing came - oddly enough - with the pet food recall a few years back, in which we lost 2 westies (RIP Maggie & Jiggs) and nearly lost Wyatt due to melamine poisoning. It prompted me to start doing extensive research on what I was feeding my animals, which is where I first ran across the idea of grain-free foods. I switched him from Natural Balance Lamb & Rice (the source of the poisoning btw) to Taste of the Wild Salmon. His allergies have almost completely disappeared and the only time he gets foot issues is if he's bored and starts licking his foot - which builds yeast, which proliferates, which then starts to itch, causing the licking to turn into sucking to turn into nibbling to turn into chewing....

            Rinse and repeat, my friends. Rinse and repeat.
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              One of my clients with an itchy footed Westie told me that her vet told her to wash the dogs feet in a dishpan of warm water each time after she went outside and to then take a cotton ball soaked with a mixture of 75% Original flavor Lysterine & 25% water and wipe the entire foot - pad, top of foot, toes & between the toes with the soaked cotton ball. The theory is that the Lysterine will kill any bacteria and will make the feet taste bad to the dog, hence stopping the licking & biting. She swears it helps!


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                Bosco does this and no matter what he chews on his feet..but normally when he is was a habit he started when he was living with his old owner...
                My sister has had alot of luck with bobby panter itchy dog...It helped one of my dogs to..I just let him soak in it for 10 minutes...
                Not sure if it was just a coincidence or not...

                Koda also improved when he switched to grain free, he really started feeling better, you could tell...
                But my moms dog chewed holes in herself because she was so itchy the vet prescribed something and it helped sooo much.


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                  Probably NOT allergies!!

                  In my experience, most of this foot-licking is not caused by allergies. Yes, switching to a non-corn, preferably non-grain food should help within about 2-6 weeks, generally speaking.

                  What you want is higher protein, less carbs so that yeast can't increase (yeast feeds on carbs, is what I've read, and then it can grow/multiply more easily). For these dogs that have a lot of yeast apparent on their skin, I think probiotics (like Udo's Choice refrigerated blends with multiple digestive bacterium) really help restabilize the dog's system quicker.

                  Within the last 2 months, several (about 6) of the dogs that I groom who were in various stages of yeast problems have switched to grain-free food, and the owners cannot believe the improvement!! It is impressive so far. I can hardly wait to see (again) the Lab that has been on steroids and antibiotics for most of her 10 years, because 2-3 weeks after her owner put her on Taste of the Wild, her feet looked less raw and he was very impressed. She has chewed her feet so badly I suspect they will take 2-3 months to heal and grow the hair back.

                  Another client has a Lhasa that has been in great distress but the owner changed her diet. When I saw her 3-4 weeks later, her raw spots were calmer and healing, her skin temperature was noticeably reduced from the hot feeling that she had previously, and a few days after I saw her the owner called and said the dog was rolling over and relaxing getting her tummy rubbed, something she had not been able to stop and enjoy for MONTHS. She had also been wearing a cone to try to prevent more damage. I was SO glad to hear about this dog - it's a miserable life being plagued by yeast. Any women who suffer with yeast infections know this. I can't imaging feeling this over a large part of your body - ugh!!

                  Although many vets still jump to the conclusion of an allergy, I have found this to not be the case in most of the dogs presenting with itching/scratching/rawness (unless it is an allergy to flea bites, which often has telltale areas of scratching like rear end and neck/shoulders). In so many cases, upgrading the food will make an incredible difference!!


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                    Dr Karen Becker recommends a Betadine foot soak in one of her vids on Youtube. I think she said to dilute it till it is the color of tea, but you would have to search for the vid to get all the info. Definitely wont treat the underlying cause, but I would love to test this out someday on a dog with raw feet.


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                      These are all good info! My friends dog is finally getting real relief now, hes on no grain, with regular baths, but I hadn't even considered secondary infections. I will mention it to her to talk to her vet about. Hopefully now that the root of the problem is being better dealt with some of those things will ease up.


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                        Try a good food for allergies (no corn, wheat, soy) also davis makes theracoat, I started carrying it in my salon seen good results with it. Iceland pure makes a good filtered fish oil.


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                          Great Nutrition makes all the difference!!!

                          working from the inside out!!

                          I am new here... but I have other questions and topics to discuss re: pet health...

                          be great if there were a pet health sub forum...!?


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                            I have a client with 3 dogs, WHFT, little mix and a parti cocker poo. All 3 dogs have problems with their feet. the previous groomer was shaving their feet like a poodle telling her that it would help with the dogs allergies. My lthought were the shaving was doing more damge then help. The owner says the vet tells her it's allergies and gives them all pred shots.

                            This lady's yard looks like House Beautiful. Not a blade of grass out of place tons of mulch and blooming flowers front and back. I thought the problem was contact from all the fertilizers used in the yard and all the plant food.

                            So she is now wiping the paws dry and using a anit-fungal spray otc on the dogs feets. The feet are finally clearing up and I just groomed them yesterday and am only doing the pads with a 10 blade.


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                              Originally posted by All_4_Animals View Post
                              be great if there were a pet health sub forum...!?
                              There is! Kind of. But I think you will be able to find some answers here.

                              There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.