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only 2 weeks to go...

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  • only 2 weeks to go...

    I have my non-sporting/poodle exam later this year, but in 2 weeks time I have the workshop for it (NZ is a lil place with few people to run the national grooming organisation, so we do one exam a year, this year is the poodles. We have a workshop around this time to help everyone do a 'mock' exam and figure out what we need to figure out, and the exam later on in aug/sep)

    which means Paris needs 6+ weeks of growth from her last groom so I can use her myself. I have decided seeing it's only a workshop (no judging, just helping) I'm only doing the bare minimum of 6 weeks growth on her FFT. But ugh, it's only been 4 weeks now and I'm ITCHING to shave her face off again! It normally doesn't go beyond 2 weeks *at most*, with a 30 blade...

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    *only 2 weeks to go..... only 2 weeks to go.....*

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    ohh I hate that urge as well I want someday to do a bedlington cut on my st Po but I don't think I can hold out long enough to let that face grow lol..


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      awe she's beautiful! I love her fuzzy face =) Good luck with your work shop & certification!


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        Well good luck! Considering how well you did with her in her German trim at the competition, I bet you're going to do just fine!
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          I realised yesterday that it'd been 11 days since I'd last brushed her *at all*, and that seeing she's really rather hairy, I probably should brush her out again.... Ugh. Remind me next time to not forget for so long...! lol

          She gets bathed tomorrow, and then she'll go for 8 days until next saturday when I'll bath her again and travel the 5 hours up to where the workshop is, and she'll get groomed on the sunday. SOOOO looking forward to it! lol!

          I'll get some pics of her after her bath tomorrow to show just how much hair she has at the moment too. hehe