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Box Square Cut anyone?

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  • Box Square Cut anyone?

    Has anyone every heard of a 'box square cut'?? A new owner brought her Yorkie to me saying she wanted the dog short all over, including muzzle and a little bit longer on the head. I showed her a poodle clean face. Yes that was what she wanted. The previous groomer told her these cuts were called 'box square cuts'. I had never heard of one before and wondered if any of you have?

    I used a 4F reverse on the body and legs. A 10 on the muzzle and a reverse 4F on the head. It turned out that she wanted a little more whiskers left on the muzzle and a bit longer on the head. The body was just right. So why did not the other groomer call it a shave down?

    And how does this make the dog look like a box or a square?? Can't get my mind around the name.....

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    This is the best I can think of.
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      Originally posted by OntheBRINKofDisaster View Post
      THAT is just SOOO wrong!!!


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        Originally posted by OntheBRINKofDisaster View Post

        OMG.... LMAO... this look like something out of the 80's bands (cant recall their name)

        As to the dilema of what groomers call their grooms... this has been a HUGE debate for many many many years... so many different names for stuff. Best examples; puppy cut some call it a shave or strip... I was taught by breeders... it is NOT.. I was taught it is like a puppies first setting of pattern... shorter furnishings but pattern being set... just shorter.

        maybe you could ask the owner who was previous groomer and call to see what they meant... then if you find out, PLEASE coem back here and let us all know!


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          That's a new one on me. I've heard of boxing the face, but it's not a clean face, it's a rectangular face, like you'd do on Airedales or Welshies.


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            The answer to that may be very simple. I've attended seminars where it was encuoraged to come up with your own terms for different hair cuts so that if a client tried to go someplace else, they couldn't just say "I want the "Tawney" clip" and have someone else know what it was. Taking that one step further, it could also make a client assume that since someone else didn't know the clip they were asking for that they might not be as skilled. Now, I did have a clip I called the "Tawney" clip because it was the clip I put on my dog Tawney, but I would tell people why I called it that.
            When I lived in Toledo there was a local groomer who called a certain clip a "Yorkie boy cut". We got SO many requests for that clip, it was insane. Some people did seem put out we didn't know what that was at first, but once we got them to explain it to us, it was a fairly simple style.
            I was shocked when a few months ago I had a client HERE (in NY) ask me for a Yorkie boy cut! Guess it's spreading.
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              Originally posted by OntheBRINKofDisaster View Post


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                I know that different parts of the country --maybe even states--have different names for a cut than another area. We were told that in school. Mylady, you have a very simple and yet possible answer too. But a box square cut that looks like a shave down??? Helly, if I can find out info from the previous groomer, I will be sure to share. It is nice to know that I am not the only clueless one out here!

                OntheBrink that is a box cut I can get my mind around!!! When I am not rofl !