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  • L.A. Shout out!!!

    Have a gorgeous fab Brussels Grif moving to L.A. in May. Been grooming him since he was a baby- He is a sweetie. Totally hand plucked! Anyone out there who can handle this????? Owner is very sweet as well. Used to home service but if you can do the right thing I am sure a salon will be fine- just gotta strip him!
    PM me asap need to set up first appointment

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    If they are willing to drive to Redlands I wouldn't mind taking a stab (figuratively speaking) at him.
    There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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      I have a friend that lives in Newport Beach that is a fabulous groomer. She does a lot of show grooming and she is wonderful to the dogs. I'm not sure how far Newport Beach is from LA, but from my understanding it's the same general area.


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        Hand stripping only

        if you/they can do it contact me right away- she will be living in the Beverly Hills area- moving next month. Coat is blown- I can walk whoever does it through the pattern. Dogs photo is on my website-