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Sooooooooo irritated and HURT

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  • Sooooooooo irritated and HURT

    One of closest friends (my mom and I aren't close, this particular woman was like my surrogate mom) died yesterday of terminal cancer. I took the rest of yesterday and today off to cope, not have to deal with customers while simultaneously bursting into tears, and spend time with her family.

    Obviously it's not great timing and I was booked solid but they were all nice (I thought) and understanding customers. It's just me at the moment so I had to cancel appts due to family crisis emergency. Most were understanding but one in particular started screaming at my coworker over the phone and hung up on her!

    I honestly don't care much for this person and she's not a regular, but I just cannot believe she reacted that way. I felt like calling her back and telling her, "I'm sorry, next time I'll tell basically my MOM to die on another day so it accomodates your schedule!" I'm so angry! Selfish.

    Anyways...venting. Sorry. How do you even respond to people like that?
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    So sorry to hear about your mom. The way the client reacted, with no understanding, is awful. I don't know if I would ever want to groom this person's dogs again. To yell and to hang up is not acceptable behavior, especially with the circumstances. Very selfish. Hope you are doing better, I know it is hard. I lost my dad a few years ago, and I miss him all the time.


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      I am sorry for your loss One of my BEST friends died yesterday too. Thank goodness I had scheduled to be closed today (found out this afternoon) because it's been ROUGH and I don't think I could have continued working. Some people can be so self centered and cold when it comes to these situations.

      Again, I'm sorry for your loss and will keep you and her family in my prayers.


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        I'm so sorry...

        My mom once told me that in life, if anyone doesn't have your best interest at heart, their opinion doesn't matter. Don't waste tears and anger on comments that don't matter. Now is the time you should be celebrating the life of a person you love. Don't let a crazy person tarnish this. I will pray for you and your family during this difficult time!



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          A couple months ago I apologized to a client about being later than normal. I told him that I was delayed. He is a nice guy but he is very precise and by the minute. He got a little snippy and asked why I was delayed. I told him that I had just found out that my grandmother had died and I needed a little bit to collect myself. He didn't say another word.

          I am sorry about your mom. Personally, I WOULD call her and I would be very polite and apologize that she was upset with your co-worker, then I would simply say that my mother died. I would bet money that she will realize what a dork she was and will apologize to you.

          Honestly I think that most of us get so involved in our own lives we don't stop and think what affect we are having on others. She is upset because she had expectations, but I don't think that she had any intentions of hurting you.

          Again, I am so sorry about your mom.
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            Sorry for your loss

            I too have dealt with loss, and trying to re-schedule clients. Most of them were understanding as you said, but again there were some that were trying to figure out why I wasn't there to groom their dogs. At other times I've had to re-schedule because of the flu, and found more people understanding, and caring...WIERD! Poeple are bizarre.


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              Brink, I am sorry for the loss of your mom.

              NeaNea, I am sorry for the loss of your best friend.

              I would take Keyray's advice. Kill her with kindness so she feels like the jerk she is. If that doesn't work...[KANK!] STRAIGHT to the curb!!!
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                Let me start by offering my sincere sympathies for your loss.

                Now, as for the woman who could not accept that you could not groom her dog because you had a death in your family...
                I like KeyRay's suggestion of calling her and telling her you were out due to your Mom's death. That should get you an apology and show her exactly how shallow, bitchy and selfish she had behaved. Hopefully she will be ashamed of herself, as she should be.

                I swear, some people treat groomers like we are robots. Thankfully the nice people outnumber the ones who are not nice.


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                  I am sorry to hear about your mother - I have a friend who had long ago adopted her boyfriends mother because she and her bio mother never got along either.
                  She sounds like a super person and you are lucky to have found someone like that in your life.

                  As far as the phone call my instints would have kik'd in and I would have blurted out

                  'Go f yourself' as unpro as that is, its what would have happened. Some people are incredibly selfish and the only thing that concerns them is themselves. Nothing and no one else matters so they can all go f themselves.

                  Back to your mom - I am saying a prayer for her.


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                    So sorry for your loss it's so hard to deal with things like this when your hurting. There are to many people out there that are just jerks. They don't take the time to listen or they believe that they are being lied to. When my mother passed away she had the nerve to do it on a Saturday I was working at a shop in a corporate store and had them call my appointments that morning to cancel. All of my clients knew my mother was ill I had informed everyone so that it wouldn't be a shock if I suddenly cancelled will one of the managers at work calls me back telling me that one of my regulars is screaming mad and demanding that her dogs get groomed today. I was shocked I had been grooming their dogs for years and never would have believed that they would have reacted this way to a family death. I told the manager to let her know that there was no way I was coming in and that if she didn't like it I didn't care. I'm not sure what she did because I felt that the store should have handle this for me. Now when I came back to work I called to reschedule everyone and when I got to these people they answered and were sweet as could be.

                    You just never know how people are going to react you wish that they would take a minute to think about how they would like to be treated in the same situation but to many just open their mouth before they think.

                    Again so sorry.
                    "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
                    and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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                      I'm so very sorry about the loss of the Mom in your life BRINK.

                      "How do you even respond to people like that"?
                      Well, I've come to the conclusion that if everyone out there exhibited the same amount of class...we would have nothing to compare.
                      Some folks just truly lack class.
                      I do try to tell myself that we're all fighting some kind of battle in one way or another, but sometimes, even that isn't enough when a person with no class catches up with you when you are so fragile.
                      I guess the response depends on the importance of the client in your world.

                      I dropped a 12 year client last year for a history of similar behaviour. She may well have been my "test" in patience and tolerance, and I may have failed that test by dropping her...but my world is a little better knowing she's not wreaking self-centered havoc on my life anymore.

                      Feel better BRINK.
                      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                        Sorry for your losses.

                        I would call her and tell her off in a nice tactful way of course...

                        Seriously though, if the shoe were on the other foot, you would be more than understanding and even supportive. I would call her and tell her what the circumstances were, I would NOT apologize, no sorrys, no squeezing the heifer in either. Maybe say
                        Good morning Mrs Heifer (she is probably one of those 400# scooter riding cows that blocks the isle in walmart-no offense to anyone, only Mrs. Heifer) I understand you had a problem when we asked to postpone your appointment due to my mothers passing. I realize that was an inconvenience for you. I would like to say, your response was very disrespectful and hurtful. We only close or postpone appointments due to unforeseen circumstances.

                        Actually, send a card out to all the clients you had to cancel that day. Saying you appreciate their understanding in your time of grief. Make sure and send HER a card with a cow on it though. Or a pig. Might get the point across, then I would tell her you do not have openings if she is one of those who likes a specific day, make it real inconvenient for her. A nice person will take her slot.
                        Or you can curl up in a ball and take the beating.
                        Man I hate mean, inconsiderate, selfish people.


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                          Originally posted by OntheBRINKofDisaster View Post

                          How do you even respond to people like that?
                          You don't.

                          From this point on, when she calls, you are booked solid.


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                            Sorry for your loss. People are such dorks sometimes. They really have a hard time to step outside of their own boxes and see the impact on the rest of the world. She is probably thinking she has a house full of people coming for Easter and a dirty dog. So throw your dog in the tub and give it a bath.


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                              Sorry for your loss. As for the #itch I would rmove her from my client list permanatley, when I went through this I actualy told someone "sorry my Mother was so inconsiderate to die when YOU had an appointment!" Never heard from them again,luckily.
                              ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~