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  • Shavedown Waiver????

    Do any of you actually have an agreement/waiver that you have people sign when you have to shave a dog down because of mats? Because sometimes people just don't get it, we can tell them 50 times that the dog is going to have to be SHORT because of mats and whatnot....and they still complain. I have not had this happen in a while, but just today we had a raving lunatic whose husband dropped the dog off and is insisting that he did not agree to have the dog shaved down. Oh yes he did....he just doesn't want to be in the doghouse with the wife, so he's blaming it on us.

    So....does anyone have anything like this? And how did you word it? I have some ideas, I just need a little help.


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    I have a new client policy sheet that everyone signs.. I think that portion is covered on #5 or 6..

    if its severe I grab my camera for back up.. I wont be caught in a mess like that.. I make sure I have proof of the pets condition


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      I do not have a waiver -

      I just make it simple & clear. This time your dog will be shaved - as in very SHORT. Then of course they say, "well just leave it as long as you can" Reply "Your dog will be shaved - as in military style - there are no other options" Explain, 'once the dog is on a regular schedule we can do what you want.'

      if you lose a customer over this, they probably were not worth it in the first place- they either get it & start bringing their dog in regularly, or don't - & then you don't want them anyway.


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        I work for a corporate salon and we have a "matted pet release." Basically it informs the owner that the dog will be shaved short, and that sometimes we'll find sores, etc underneath the matted coat. It also talks about hematomas that could form on the ears from tight matts.

        It's pretty in depth. It's got the dog's name, owner's name, as well as the date and signature. We keep the signed form in with the service card.


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          That is a really good idea. That problem comes up on here so often I'd have trouble believing nobody'd thought of it til now. It wouldn't have to be a waiver from a lawyer or anything, just a signed thing describing the haircut that they'll be getting, how long the hair will turn out etc. It would be good to tack on a note of whether or not any health concerns have arrised since the last grooming-that's what's recommended in Problems to Profits. Get them to sign it before they go, no fuss, no muss


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            My release just says... I______understand that my pets coat is matted. ______will not be held responsible for ANY unfavorable results of the grooming.
            Signed________ Date________

            EASY. You can ad more but this works for me and has since I opened in 1983.


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              We have a matted release form that also covers things like irritation from the matts or hidden wounds and bugs. I love it when people tell me leave as long as you can. I reply it will be short. "well do you best" He will be naked and pink with no hair left.


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                After so many years of listening to customers say they have been brushing/combing etc... I look at them with empathy... I ask them to hold on, walk in back to my station and get a comb. I then come back out and ask them to get it through them... When they try to show me how they are (in actuality just going over the top) and I hold their hand, dig down deeply under a BIG MAT... then show them how I could actually lift the dog off the ground by it,... THEN I ask them what they would like me to do.

                IF they say they still want the pet de-matted... I inform them that after 30+ yrs in this business I am possibly quicker than most so it would be...(pick a random number here...ex. 1 hr, 2 hr, 3+ hr.s) and although they will be charged their regular price for the actual groom itself, at an est. of (again choose your fee here, I usually charge est. $5 for 15 minutes = $20 hr.) extra. Then I will be happy to reschedule them on a day I can devote the time needed allowing for breaks for the dog and the grand total will be $ XX... they look at me, mouth agape and reluctantly say "do what you can"

                Ive actually had a few squat down by their dog with the comb... grab a half inch sq. area of hair and spend close to 5 minutes to work it out, they then look at me and say "See it can be done".. to which I reply.. "I know ! You just did one half an inch, the entire dog must be done (I then sweep my hand over the length of the dog) I will be happy to do it but like I said I will have to re-schedule you so I can devote my entire day to your golden-doodle and with the original fee of (ex. $45 in good coat condition) I must inform you that I average usually 10-12 dogs a day. I have to be able to show a days income of $350 - 500 so I will be happy to do it! and I just want you to know it will be that fee"

                People who dont take care of their pets always figure it is our job... in a way it is, but no one says I have to be treated like a slave to their budget let along do ANYTHING that will hurt an animal!!!

                Last thing Ill share here.... I NEVER say bald.. I try to use gentle terms people like... Velvet comes to mind. No one needs to know that there are very different kinds of velvet...LOL