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  • Metro quick draw

    I bought one if these figuring it would be easier for housecall grooming but it really seemed to take me a long time to dry a small but hairy dog.

    It says dries even a big dog in minutes.

    Has anyone else tried this dryer?

    I used it with just the attachments without the hose.

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    I use one regularly with the hose and it works well for me. I still like to finish with heat for a straighter coat though. I like it because I can hang it on the back of my chair or travel with it.
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      It's aight. My Chris Christensen Kool Dry dryer is a more powerful and still quite portable. I have both and I don't use my quick dry anymore.
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        use it all the time

        CC's is way to big to lug around- you just need to make sure you dry the dog well with a towel first. My clients do not like the heat thrown off regular dryers on their dogs so this one is great. It does depend on the coat tho. It does help to use your fingers and a pin brush to lift and separate the coat to get the air through it.


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          This is my only dryer at the moment and I love it! Granted I only do dogs 30lbs and under but it works well for me. I also use any kind quick dry spray to help speed up the process.
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            i really really really don't like's way to loud and obnoxious..and not worth the money (in my opinion) I would rather have a quieter bigger one that we take around to dog shows that is not as takes a really long time to dry any least in my experience, just not a fan of them. My biggest problem is the noise..mine makes a loud pitch noise that freaks dogs out more than just the normal dryer. The only time i ever use mine is as a backup..


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              I love mine! I do not use anything with hot heat and I find that as it may take a little longer, it works just fine for me.


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                it's no force dryer for sure. I use it at home when I don't mind spending an hour to dry my min poodle. Had it in the shop for a bit and used it to finish drying feet and ears, now I have a reg hair dryer for that.


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                  I have used several Metro dryers & not been impressed with any of them.
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