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  • How Would You Present And Approach This Idea?

    Recently and frequently I get calls wanting me to go to the dog pound and groom a dog someone has adopted. the dog is to be spayed or neutered the next day, ( Man called on Sunday) or Monday. Needless to say, I am booked and can't go. The pound will not release the dog for grooming or even be completely adopted until the procedure is done, thus holding up the adoptions. They have no grooming facility and the last one was going to be neutered with dirty urine saturated feet and the man said he could get him Monday, but could not bathe him for a week. I told him since the dog was small, he could carefully wash his feet in his own kitchen or bathroom sink.

    I have groomed two dogs there and met the new parents there to be paid, but it is very time consuming as the staff are busy and not efficient in getting the dog to me to groom. In the heat, the A/C runs and runs costing me time and money. Usually, I am not available and it is at the outskirts of my boundaries and I am usually not in the area.

    I think they need to have a few mobiles scheduled for dogs likely to be adopted and have us come one day a week and do four dogs or so each and pay us. The way they have it set up now is to put the burden on the new owner, and we groomers just are not available on short notice. They also need to have someone ( a volunteer maybe) just get the dogs for us in a timely manner.

    How do I present an idea that would work for everyone? I'd be happy to go one day a week or a few a month and they could have several mobiles do this, if we just had it scheduled in advance. The rules and the way they run this dog pound are ridiculous! They also do NOT give out any mobile groomer referrals, I have tried to offer my card in the past when I groomed a dog while new owner waited. This could benefit all, if they would just get their act together. This is the maricopa county animal control, not the Humane society. They have more shelters, on in Phoenix and one, closer, in my town, but at the very edge of my boundaries. I guess I need more info about them this coming week. Pure bred rescues have volunteers for grooming, as I did go to a rescue temporary home once and groomed 6 dogs, but it is costly for me to do it free in my rig with my generator running. I guess I need to gather more info to see what can be done here. But what about the mixed breeds like the one the man called about last week? They all need help. I only groom up to 35lbs. I think they need to build a grooming room etc and hire a groomer; But that costs money and they are a dismal facility as it is. County, government run, ya know......pitiful, dismal, depressing kennels that are not cleaned often. Gov has a lot of red tape I imagine. The rules are currently very unreasonable in my experience. I think they spay and neuter there, but I have never seen that area. Remember, the dogs I have encountered have been both pure bred and mixes. Once sent to rescue, they never come back to the facility unless rejected. I am not a good co ordinator, but I would like to see things change for the dogs' sake.
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    Is their humane society supported (meaning rescue volunteers) by a local all-breed club? If so, they may want to start talking to them because there are people there, hopefully, that would be willing to help, even if it's just a bath.

    When I lived in another part of the state and only worked 40 hours a week, we did quite a bit of rescue work in conjunction with the local shelter and my dog club. People interested in, or breeders, of a certain breed would work with the shelter to help the dogs get placed - whether it was helping with bathing or rehabilitating those with minor personality problems.

    It might be worth a shot to see if anybody at a local club could organize this if the humane society was willing to work with them. I sure hope so, because it really is all about the dogs...

    I would like to help the small humane society in the area we're in now - just isn't any time, so we contribute money when we can.


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      I'm in Arizona and know what your talking about..

      I know what you are talking about, I also get lots of calls for people needing the dogs groomed before surgery and its just not possible with the short notice. I have talked to a few people there and its very hard to get info as I was going to groom there once a week with my rig but it never panned out. I do foster care for Maricopa County and know quite a few people there and thought I'd like to help out and offer my services but its just to hard to talk to anyone. I know they have a grooming facility in the West Side shelter but not the East Side and thats where I wanted to go because I feel bad for the dogs there and most of them are infested with ticks. After thinking about it long and hard I just gave up the idea of grooming there because I will have to use my generator and I don't want the wear and tear on it especially in the summer and then the wear and tear on my blades/clipper to groom the dirty matted dogs and lastly I don't want my rig infested with ticks or airborne illnesses that they have there. I think the best bet for them is to make a little grooming room and have someone come a few days a week and groom those dogs but they don't want/can't pay so it would have to be a volunteer who wants to volunteer his/her time at the shelter.


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        Is there a grooming school in the area?

        If so, maybe they could work it out so they take the dogs there. It would be good practice for the students and wouldn't cost the county anything.


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          I don't know about Arizona, but in general, shelters are so underfunded (especially now) and so understaffed that making sure the dog gets groomed is the last thing on their minds. Volunteering is usually the best way to go. I don't know if this is plausable for you, but you could talk to the shetler Director or Animal Services Director about getting some clippers, blades and other grooming tools, use their facility for the grooming and either do it for free and give the adopters your card for the next service, or get paid for the service by the adopters and give the shelter a large cut. In the long run, the second option will probably benifit both you and shelter, and you will be helping needy animals. I used to work in a shelter in California (not as a groomer) and would lend my grooming service to them when it was needed for really matted/dirty dogs as long as they supplied the clippers. It seemed to work well and I got quite a few clients out of it.


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            Oh, and I forgot to add: remember to present the idea to the Director by showing him/her that you would be able to bring more money into the shelter. Everything should be planned in writing and presented with all the details!


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              My heart goes out to these dogs BUT

              my experience, though limited too like Mindyv is it just can't work for us or the dogs the way the superiors and the powers that be are at this time. .
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                It was an idea......

                I see now it just won't work here. Maybe one day when I am retired, but not now, not this system of government. Thanks anyway for all you nice replies.


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                  The best idea I heard of and use today is simple... You 'can' offer a discount coupon to any new adoptee's owner. They must call you to make the appointment of course AND they must be willing to work with your schedule. NOW... best part is this, so long as you get a copy of their recent adoption, copy of your coupon and keep good records, all you need to do is work with the shelter/rescue and make it clear they need to give you a receipt for the whole thing. In short, your 'donation' of (ex; 10% - 20% off... a groom costing you $40 - 10% is $4.00 off) but because the shelter is (hopefully) a non-for profit, you can write it off on your taxes.

                  A win win situation, people love to feel they are getting a deal, you are covering yourself.

                  I have worked with shelters & rescues for years, I prefer to have the pet's have gone through their spay/neuter and all medical process before I work with them now... I used to make arrangements with the head person and offer one day every month to come in to do several grooms... now I prefer, being that we have a standing salon, they call and we 'fit them in' to our daily scheduling. But for those who are mobile, you may find the coupons a better deal for you & new owners.


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                    Thanks for your reply. It won't work here. First, the schedule is set by the shelter for the neuter usually within a day or two of releasing the dog for adoption. The last call was last week and the man would get the dog the afternoon after the neuter. He wanted me to go on a Sunday and groom the dog before the surgery. Discount or not, that was impossible. All the former calls are like that. I have no time to schedule and in fact, Mondays are usually my day off. The shelter would never be a go between to see a groomer was paid, or give any coupons etc. They have no time or interest in that. As for $40 grooms......NO WAY! I charge way more than that and need to with my generator, gas etc. I have enough business expenses /deductions as it is and don't need the headache of grooming in shelters for more deductions. What works for you there, can't work here. I really wish it could. The best thing they could do is set up a groom room, hire a groomer with experience and be fair to the adoptee and the dog. Guess there is no money for that. I have done pure bred rescue grooms. They have many they call on, I was one of many.

                    I'm sorry, I did ask for advice. Now I see it really can't work for me. Perhaps another groomer starting out who has time and lives near the shelter. I dunno. I have tried with this shelter and it ends up an all day no win situation. I actually think that family decided not to keep the dog, after I groomed him. I called to see how he was doing(hoping to schedule another groom) and from what they said he was preferring to be outside and not affectionate and didn't meet their expectations. He was a pilot and wife worked too. I suspect the dog needed a family that was home more. I never heard back and I think they felt embarrassed they didn't keep him.


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                      When I worked for a vet we bathed a lot of dogs the day after surgery. If a dog peed in their cage, it got a bath before it went home, even if it had been spayed the day before. We did not send home smelly dogs. With careful bathing, staying clear of the surgical area, a dog can be cleaned up quite nicely the day after surgery.