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  • How would you guys handle this

    I had a lady call today & said she wasn't happy with a groom I did 3 wks ago. I asked her what was wrong she told me I shaved the face & didn't want it shaved I told her I would pull her card to see what it said because I always take notes. The card said wanted a clean face. Also said the hair was uneven. She demanded a free groom. I told her that was normally the case but since I did the groom 3 wks ago today I could only take off X amount of $s for the next groom. Should I do the groom free? I normally would but the dog comes in every 6 wks & so she has waited half way through before complaining. I tried to explain if she would have called sooner I would have done it free. What do I do?

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    Originally posted by pjsgroom View Post
    She demanded a free groom. I told her that was normally the case but since I did the groom 3 wks ago today I could only take off X amount of $s for the next groom. Should I do the groom free?
    By "normally the case" do you mean that you advertise to your customers somehow that if they're not happy the grooming is free? Please elaborate a bit.
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      I give the client 48 hours to complain, otherwise, so sorry, I will make a note for next time to do it differently.


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        No way I'd do the dog for free. If she had called right after the groom or mentioned something at pick up about the misunderstanding that would be one thing but three weeks seems a bit much. If she's a good customer then I might do something but most of the time I'll only take X off the groom but then I offer to throw in something extra at no cost. JMO
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          Sorry, NO free groom. She waited 3 weeks to call you? Did she just happen to look at the dog and realize (after 3 weeks) that it had a clean face? Did she not notice that clean face when she picked the dog up 3 weeks ago? Sounds like someone else is maybe giving her a hard time about the dog and how it looks.

          If she had called you one or two days later perhaps a discount could be agreed on, but not after 3 weeks.

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            I don't think I'd give her a free groom. Did you ask her, "Do you want a clean face?"

            Because many owners will nod "yes," of course they want their dog's face CLEAN. Who wants a dirty face on their freshly groomed dog?

            Unfortunately, communication in grooming is a gift if you're good at it, lol.

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              Sorry, no free groom after 3 weeks-I have clients who get their dog groomed every 3 weeks! If she is a great client, maybe a few $$ off the next groom. As far as the 'clean face', pretty obvious at pick up that the dog had a clean face. Doesn't it usually? Or did she want something new? Like Spikey said, sometimes miscommunication too. Had a client who asked for a "Bare Face". Thought she wanted a clean face, so I double checked to make sure. She wanted a 'bear' face as in teddy bear!!
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                This is why I never use grooming lingo when discussing a haircut with a client, lol. Unless they happen to somehow know what they're talking about. I always make sure they want the face shaved and offer a picture. Did you happen to check in the dog or did someone else take it in for you? Have you always shaved it? (I ask because if a client deviates drastically from their usual haircut I always doube and triple check myself to make SURE!)

                At this point, I agree with the others about the time period. If she was that unhappy she would have called sooner. Since it apparently wasn't worth a quick phone call until she happened to get around to it, I would call her back and say, "I'm very sorry, we must have gotten our wires crossed somewhere. I have it documented in your file that you specifically requested this. I will erase that note and write in you want a teddy bear head (or whatever.) It will be right next time and I can give you xx% off your next groom and it will grow out in about x amount of time. Have a nice day!"
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                  I do not give free grooming to clients that have been unhappy with a cut if they call within like you stated 48 hrs I will at no extra charge redo the trim at no charge but it must be done within the same week of the original grooming. If you offer free grooms to dissatisfied customer you will find more complaints and many more free groomings .I'm sorry to be so blunt and bold about this subject but I have found people to become very dishonest or overly nit picky if it means free services.. at this point i would do just what you did .. I'm sorry you were not happy with the last grooming I can offer you a small discount this time .But in the future complaints must be stated within 48 hrs of the grooming to honor a redo at no charge.


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                    I'm confused, the card said clean face and it was uneven, she comes in every 6 weeks, how did you do the face last time? As eneryone else said, no free groom after that long. Just try to smooth it over but definatley not free !
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                      No free groom EVER!!! Did you do the work? YES!

                      Those type of clients are trying to take advantage of you and they can go somewhere else. I have absolutely NO patience for that kind of stuff. I'm not commission so I get paid the same, but in my mind what they are trying to do is no less than stealing from me and the place I work.

                      BUT I am always happy to fix something if need be. I will do whatever I need to do to EXCEPT refund money or give something free.
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                        One quick thought I had...perhaps she didn't complain sooner because she knew there was nothing you could do to fix it? I mean, really...even if she had called in 48 hours, how in the world could you regroom it unless you are gluing hair back on?

                        Not that I think she should get a free groom, my earlier comment still stands. But I think offering a redo within 48 hours is a little ridiculous in this case.
                        There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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                          If a client calls to complain within a few days I will aks what they specifically are not happy with and will fix that. A full free groom over a complaint is excessive. We have to learn to apply standards from other industries to ours. Most hairstylists will correct but not give free haircuts the next time especially if they followed directions!I have had situations where my hair has been cut totally different from request and have been offered free trim with the same stylist next time-I tol dthem no way would I use that person again especially since they caused the issue(and I'm not talking about a little mistake I'm talking about hair halfway down my back turned into a Princes Di bob! Never trust a stylist who turns you away from the mirror!) I would offer the woman a % off like you already have and do keep notes on the phone call and get very detailed instructions next time.A lot of people are learning about the major chains giving away haircuts for nothign if people complain so they try it on the small places as well! Big corporatiosn only want to put the little guy out of business so they have control over the whole market.


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                            Problem/unhappiness does NOT equal free groom!

                            I am not sure why you are saying that normally you would offer a free groom. Forget that!! All you offer is to fix up a problem for free, so tell her you can clean up the face again. No bath. No whatever.

                            Besides correcting a problem/misunderstanding, anything you offer to a client should be what YOU decide at the time, not a set policy of "free groom". Many people complain just to get something for nothing. If it was uneven or not what the owner wanted, surely she noticed before this.


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                              The woman told me a shaved face. I noted on my card a clean face. She went into detail where to start and stop. I did exactly what she told me to do. When I told her that thats when she brought up the hair on the body was uneven I said I was sorry & I could fix that. I had a cancellation Yesterday so I told her to bring in the dog & I would just go over the body. She said she couldn't bring in the dog thats to soon. I said then she would have to wait because Im booked 2 wks out she said that would be perfect. The more I think about this the madder I get. I know she wants a free groom. When I got ready to hang up she said there will be no charge right. I said yes there will be a charge of X amont of dollars. I wish she would go elsewhere. The dog is a maltese that will not stand up. It sprawls out on all fours. When she came to pick the dog up she said how cute she was. I just don't get it