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Huskies and their hair

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  • Huskies and their hair

    I had 3 huskies today 2 were pretty normal but the othe one- omg!!! now I see a lot of them shaved down in florida,this one had lumps of hair ,not matts but firmly packed shedding fur that never dropped. I could not feel the "dog" through the fur just lumps.I brushed and raked and brushed and brushed then bathed her then blew her out and then dried her and brushed her some more.the hair filled a glad kitchen bag. my question is what the heck do you do with these dogs????? oh she was the sweetest dog ever.If she was mine Id shave every bit of that right off! it was horrible! it was so hot today I felt bad for her.but serriously how do you control this kind of furry mess?I took he outside to force dry her.

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    Originally posted by ferretlov View Post
    but serriously how do you control this kind of furry mess?
    As an owner (?)...same as any other dog that needs regular stay on top of it.
    Sounds like she needs to come in a little more often....
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      I have a husky /aussie she has the husky coat I blow her coat out every couple of months. recommend to this client a minimal of every 4 months grooming so you can maintain the undercoat .. sometimes I take my K9II out side and just blow out the hair if I don't feel like bathing her. but majority of the time once the coat is clean the coat blows like mad once it is fully dried .