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  • ugh... clients

    Had a lady call this morning and chewed me out, she wanted to know when we were going to fit her dog in. "I made my appointment 3 weeks ago for 8am today and you are not here". why?

    Now, that I actually get to speak- I discover that she called a salon, not us...we are mobile. I explain to her that it is Easter time and we are packed until Mid May. "This is horrid business, I booked an appointment 3 weeks ago"- mam, I understand you are upset but you didn't book your appointment with us. Perhaps, you should call that groomer and let her know you are angry "but I wanted you". Once again Mam, there is nothing I can do today. Finally after all the threats of calling the BBB and telling her friends she says "but, I am a very good client" of ours? My Eddie gets groomed by your company every time, please hold a second mam... check my computer, go back to phone... mam, Eddie was groomed last November and was extremely matted Yorkie, he only needs to be groomed 1x2 per year... I take good care of him.

    "Mam, mobile grooming may not be best for you. Our clients stay on an every 6 week or less schedules. Are you wanting to put Eddie on a 6 week schedule? click :-)

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    OH THATS a florida client for ya!!!!
    Im sorry she was so nasty to ya. I swear some of these people are plain crazy! I had a lady freak out on me for $5 bucks ! she had 2 dogs groomed a shihtzu and a terrier /cocker mix well her shihtzu was X amount of money and her other one was $5 more plus the daad who dropped them off asked for annals done well she flipped over the difference and called me to chew me out about it. i was as nice as I could be I finally had to tell her maybe next time you should bring them in and tell directly to the groomer that way there is no chance of you misunderstanding any charges.


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      wow that's really strange..
      we had someone completely freak out because her dogs have NEVER been shaved by us before and she ranted for a long time how we messed up her dogs grooms and she is never bringing them back..every single time in the dogs history it has been shaved..not really understanding that..
      People are so weird!