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  • Two Testimonials

    I have gotten two email testimonials in the last day that I really wanted to share. I can't tell you all how it happy it makes me when I receive something like this. The feedback I've gotten this past year has been amazing. I'm so glad the book I wrote is loved by so many. When I first put it out there, I was worried. I was afraid no one was going to like it. It was very scary. But it's way surpassed my wildest dreams. Thanks to all of you who have bought my book and contacted me here and on amazon. I'm so glad it was of help.
    I got your book and devoured it over the weekend! It was easy to read and full of useful information for me. I am brand new to grooming (as in I start my classes on April 10th) – so I feel the book will be EXTREMELY helpful as I learn more and launch my new career! I am very excited and your book made me even more excited! You seem organized, methodical, and the tips and tricks you mentioned will give me an advantage and allow me to bypass some of those common mistakes I am sure everyone makes. Thanks for the great read – and all the useful information.
    Thanks again, Wendy D.
    I'm so sorry it took me so long, but I finally left feedback on Amazon. Tomorrow is our one month anniversary!!!! Needless to say I've been crazy busy, but I wanted to make sure I took the time to thank you for writing such a great book. I have read that thing about 5 times cover to cover!!! And the personal note inside was really awesome, thank you for caring so much about us. You are a fantastic role model.
    Julie G.

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    Congratulations! It always feels good to know that your hardwork and passion is being appreciated.