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Update OT- Prayers Needed, and big Thank YOU!

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  • Update OT- Prayers Needed, and big Thank YOU!

    Thank You all for the good thoughts and prayers. This last weekend has been a whirlwind of activity for our family. First of all, my son is doing well. Was up sitting up a day after surgery, yeaterday he was up walking with help, just a short hall way, but still, WALKING! Today more walking. Recovery seems on a positive path.

    Saturday night he got a call from theTP center asking about his health in general and then to let him know a possible door may be imminant, that they would know in 10 to 12 hours as there was still a possibility of recovery. That was a "walk the floor night", but about 9:30 Sunday morning he got the call to come in. We made a run to the U of W[(that's when I caled Nancy]. Once there, it weas hurry up and wait. First they thought 6pm for the TP, then as the hours passed, 2AM, then 4, then 6. A long nght for sure,keeping a brittle diabetic on hold. Yep, as things would have it, he had a sugar low (21) even while the nurses were checkinghim every hour, his wife spotted the tell tale signs and with her aslert the nurses had him stabalized in a few minutes, but then it was round the clock check on his sugar every 15 minutes...

    Surgery went well, new organs functioning before he was taken to recovery. Which the Dr's were super pleased about. Talking with him yesterday, he's not had to have(extra) insulin at all since surgery. That is such a plus.

    Again thank you all for the warm wishes and thoughts.

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    Continued prayers

    for continued recovery. I'll be waiting for reports as he heads toward regular life.
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      great news! Thanks for the update, wishing a speedy recovery for him.
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        Thats great news! It really gives me hope as Im also waiting for a kidney transplant!

        I will keep him in my prayers,



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          Thanks so much for the update and hope your son has a really speedy recovery!

          Tammy , Will be praying a perfect donor comes your way really soon.
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            Nothing but

            very happy thoughts and prayers coming your way, and dont forget to take care of yourself too...... what a gift your son has recieved.


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              I just wish there were

              some way to thank the doner family, to just let them know what a wonderful gift this is. but the centers do try to keep that private.

              Spoke with my son today, he's in some pain [well yeah- every time he gets up and walks!] but in reality that's a good thing! the new kidney is in front, and everything else has to make a place for it. No they don't remove the original kidneys, just make a spot for the new one.

              We are planning to go down on Sunday, take him some "Peeps" and visit for a while...Thaks again for continued prayers and good thoughts.

              We'll be praying for you too, Tammy. My son was on a different list because he needed 2 the wait time is usually 6 months to a long have you been on the list?


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                That is wonderful. I hope everything works out and I will keep you in my prayers. I'm assuming God knows who I'm talking about when I say, "bless Azoci and her family".
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                  Fantastic news, I hope he continues to have a speedy and uneventful recovery. I will donate my organs if I can and my childrens although I hope there is never any need. I have donated eggs to a woman so she could have a baby.


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                    Pam, this is great news! I'll keep him on my prayer list that he continues to improve and has a full recovery!

                    Everyone needs to consider being an organ donor!


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                      Just remember one of the most important things about being an organ donor is letting your family know your wishes since they will most likely be the ones making the decision.


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                        Fabulous news, Pam! Warm wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery for your son!
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