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Found a new ribbon source....

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  • Found a new ribbon source....

    I contacted a local florist and asked where they ordered their ribbon from. They said a "guy in a truck" came by and sold it to them. Well, today he came by and I got great deals! I got 3/8" sheer ribbon for $6.50/100 yd rolls. Who would have thought??? I've never been so excited by ribbon!

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    Hey, I've got a florist right across the street from me, that never occured to me to ask and I see that "truck" pull up. Thanks so much for the tip!


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      You don't have to wait for the truck, look for your nearest floral wholesaler. They always have ribbon in bulk for low prices and in just about every color you can imagine.


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        another place for special occasion and holiday ribbon , small spools are sold at dollar stores ,they tend to carry some very nice ribbon.


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          Yes, a client/friend of mine had a flower biz on the side. I looked at her catalogues, but most of the ribbon was solid color, and I love my prints. I MISS Ribbon Warehouse.
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