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this made my day!!

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  • this made my day!!

    I got this email on Sunday from a client. I've done his dog five times. Oliver is a soft coated Wheaton terrier and a really sweet boy. No special haircut but this comment made my day. THIS is what I strive for!!

    Just wanted to say thanks Oliver does much better with you he is a happy dog
    when he comes home from being with you.
    He was not at the previous groomer we use to go to.

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    Isn't it GREAT to get some Positive feedback like that?
    I had 2 clients last week that called after the groom with compliments and it REALLY DOES make you feel great!


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      aww how sweet!!!!! that has just gotta give ya the warm fuzzies!!!!!


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        I'm just starting out and groomed a yorkie for the third time this weekend. The owner is a co-worker of mine at my full-time job. She is really pleased with the grooming job, even though I had to clip him shorter because he was so matted. Her compliment was that she now has 6 more dogs for me to groom when I'm ready because they saw her dog and really liked the grooming job. Because I do this on the weekends only for now and one dog at a time, these people like this so their dog doesn't have to sit in a crate all day which they feel freaks them out. I can accomodate that for now.


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          Bravo Zulu!!

          Love compliments like that! You ARE sooooo right. That is what we strive for! compliments like that give me a 'Yippee skippee" sort of feeling!


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            I received an email from Pearl the Mini-Poodle's mom the next day also. Thanking me for the wonderul masterpiece that her hairdo was and for knowing she was in such good hands all day when her mom ran errands.

            I wish for more of these appreciative customers.


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              Wow that's great what a nice compliment it's so nice when someone notices the work you do. Congrats take time and pat yourself on the back.
              "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
              and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck