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    I just got a message from a client who is highly allergic to poison ivy. Her dog has found it somewhere in her yard. Obviously she needs to remove it from her yard but she was wondering if there is anything she can put on him to neutralize it, without washing him every time he comes in. He isnt small unfortunately. Overly large Germ. Shep. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

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    Here you go I'm sure she will find a suitable safe treatment in this


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      I know how it feels, I'm so allergic to it too, and would get it from clients dogs sometimes. Thankfully I now live in Florida where there isn't as much of it.

      I don't know of anything to put on the dog to neutralize it They make poison ivy removal wipes, but they are EXPENSIVE, and I can't imagine her wiping down the dog everytime it's out, and she could catch it by wiping down the dog.

      My solution would be to walk the dog instead of letting it out until she has the ivy removed.


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        Poision Ivy...

        I hate poision ivy... I live on 4 acres where the poision ivy just loves it here.. My dog would run through it and bring it home on her fur...which in turn I would get...I would use bleach on my skin... Cut a sock so I just had the top part of it...(cuz it's usually on my arms) and put that on my arm... (they say it doesn't spread - but I would get it on other parts of my body..(boobs) where my arm would rest when I slept.. My dog - I would use very little Dawn dishsoap with a little bleach on a rag and rub her down with it to try and get the sap off her... it would work sometimes... and other times...not... Good luck... that is a hard one...Dogs just want to have fun !! Also... if you have any idea you may have been exposed...get to the shower right away and wash with a yellow soap (Dial) that helps too..


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          Out on this side of the country it's poison oak. Fortunately for me, I'm not allergic to either plant. I once waded through a field of poison oak in a tank top and shorts and never had a problem. My skin was literally - well, for lack of a better word - OILY, with the stuff. My poor DH brushed against my arm and was bitching and scratching for a week afterward.

          BUT, if I walk across my lawn barefoot my feet blow up like a couple of puffer fish. Go figger.
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            I don't think there's anything she could use on the dog, other than bathing with a degreasing shampoo. But she can get a barrier cream to use on herself. That will not only protect her from anything on the dog, it'll protect her if she gets into it in the yard.


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              Obviously (as you surmised) erradication of the ivy is the most direct approach...but I'm still battling it in my yard and gardens, even after 12 years. trully is.

              It wasn't the dogs that transferred it to me...but my kitties. All rubby, smooshie, "I love you", "here...have some poison ivy and sumac", on bare legs, arms, hands, between my fingers (ug-to-the-umpth-degree for a groomer) face, neck, etc.

              I took a tip from a gal in my dog club and got a container of Pampers type diaper wipes (unscented) and poured a bottle of alcohol in it (on top of whatever the butt-wipe solution is that is already in it...) and at the end of the day...would pull a cloth or 2 and wipe down each kitty as they came in for the evening.

              The other thing (as Helly referred to) is a "barrier" for the human skin.
              When I garden (which is every evening, all Summer long, and all weekend...) I slather on a layer of IvyBlock lotion. (
              I have never, ever, contracted poison ivy when I've applied this stuff on my exposed skin, and let it dry, and it's the only thing that I've ever found to actually work as it claims. Actually...their claims are quite moderate, compared to the success I've had.
              The 2 drawbacks is VERY drying to the human skin, so I shower when I come in for the day, and apply a decent lotion, and....
              it does nothing to prevent one from contracting "The Poison" via the oils on your clothing or throw those into the washer-with minimal handling, asap.

              I realize I've expanded on your clients immediate problem/solution, but maybe she can gleam something from this.....?

     I have that song "Poiiiison IIIIvy" stuck in my head. Thanks.
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