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    I'm a memeber of the NEPGP and as a memeber they have a contest where clients are supposed to write to them about their groomer to say why they deserve the Top Dog award. I have to say I have been thinking about it, but I have no idea how I would possibly go about asking my clients to write letters singing my praises so I can win some award without sounding, well, self serving. Being mobile I can't put a sign up or anything, I thought about writing up a newsletter and putting the info in there, but still wouldn't know how to word it without it sounding like I was begging for people to write in about how great I am LOL. I don't write a refular newsletter, but periodically when I have lots of things to update will write one and send to everyone in my email list of clientele.
    So what do y'all think? I rarely have a problem finding the right words for anything LOL, but I am failing miserably at this.
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    Sorry My Lady

    I guess nobody can find the right I would have no idea how to approach this one.. I keep checking back to see if anyone has any ideas but It's a sticky situation for sure. Some might even be offended for you to ask but I guess maybe just talk about it with your very very close clients. The ones that feel like friends as much as they do clients. I know we all have a few of those special clients. At least with them you can just be yourself and say something like." I really feel wierd asking this of you but I need to ask someone and you came to mind as being a very special client. " If you compliment them maybe it won't seem wierd and they'll be happy to sing your praises..Good Luck!!


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      What do you win? Do you win money? Can you drop off something with each groom? Say something like you appreciate all their business and that without them you would not have grown as a professional groomer. Something like, "thanks to my amazing customer base, Royal Transfurmations has continued to grow and succeed. That sucess has made me a candidate for an award from the .... . I would like to ask for your support by asking you to submit a short message regarding your experience of me as your pet's groomer."
      I am going to assume the award will be based on the quality of the messages, not just the quantity, right?