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    Today a woman came in with a maltx that she claims that she had found in an alley, with a litter of malformed puppies(which all did not survive). The dog had been attacked by a dog and had a broken leg. the coat was matted and had some kind of stickey salve that she was putting on the leg, The dew claws were grown into the pads. She told us that she could not afford to have the dogs leg taken care of because the vet told her the dog would have to have a plate put in.
    My bather translated that it would be better for the dog if she gave her up so she could have a chance to be taken care of or to be humanely put down, but she would not listen. So we gave her the name of a vet that could possibly help her and I shaved her down with a 30 blade, I did not go for cute because she was in pain and spotting blood and she was scared to death with the clippers near her head. So I scissored the rest and cleaned the one ear that had infection. She was fine in the water and craved the attention, by this time I am crying because you know the dog could have internal bleeding on top of the lifeless leg and to think of the horror she has been through.

    So I have my bather translate again to please give up the dog, that she is in need of help but she pays and out the door she goes. We go through the method of calling the HS report the problem and hope for the best. See the HS in this area, they won't come to the shop when you have the dog in need, they have to go to the property of the dog, so owners they could easily state that do not have such a animal or it's gone and HS won't look any further. So all I can do is wait and see if she will come in to pick up the ear drops and angel eyes for the dog and hope we can talk some sense into her. Yep she is worried about the stains on the eyes and the ear Not the broken leg or the bleeding. I do not like us humans to much right now.

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    my god..

    what a horrible person!!!!!!!


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      I hope you made very good notes on the records for this dog. Pix would've been a good idea, too.

      I wonder if this dog wasn't just found, but belongs to someone close to her. I hope the dog gets some are right, very sad.



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        I dont think I would have groomed this one without an okay from the vet..She may have taken the dog off the street- which is better,but not getting the dog the medical attention it needs is cruelty on her part- not having the money is not a good reason to make the dog suffer..Im surprised the vet let the dog leave if it was in fact in shock and in pain- the dog should have been surrended so someone could properly take care of it.. I wonder if it actually saw a vet-- If that dog came into my shop in pain and suffering I would have checked it in, gotten as much info as possible Names,numbers-location where found and then i would have called animal control..If the groom was needed more than fixing the broken leg then let the vet do it!! They could have addressed any problem that should arise-- If a situation is that bad that it brings you to tears and you fear for the dogs life call animal control- they will tell the new "owner" that doing nothing is unacceptable! Launguage barrier or not!!


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          NO amount of anything could have gotten me to do a dog with a visably broken, untreated anything (leg, tail even a toe). I would be too worried of causing more harm. Especially if the owner was refusing to get it treated. I have what about the shots? did she have proof of anything I am not big on regular shots because I don't give my dogs annual boosters, and my vet agrees. But a stray, in pain did you insist on at least seeing rabies certificate any stray I would insist on seeing all shot records I think.

          Sorry not trying to be mean but sometimes we have to think with our heads, and not our hearts I know it is hard .
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            Oh that makes me ill to think about. I don't think I can read stories like this anymore.... it ruins my day. I hope for every person like that there are ten who are totally opposite.

            I usually have a person sign a form that gives me the right to take the dog to the vet. I might have taken it upon myself to take it to the vet while in my care anyway.
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              Sounds like this dog belongs to this lady and the "found" was just a story. Seems like the dogs in the worst shape never belong to the folks who bring them in. I think I would've called my vet and tried to work out a deal to get this poor dog seen to.
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                I would have called the cops.

                Not treating that leg is abuse and animal abuse is against the law.

                Period, paragraph, end of story.


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                  Sorry, but there is no way in hell I would have groomed that dog. She should have been taken to a vet, not a groomer.


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                    I would have not groomed this dog either, Yes I understand the severely matted part made you feel obligated but the broken bones behind those mats is a definite need for medical attention.


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                      I would have not touched the dog either...I probably would have called the cops


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                        I don't think any vet would release a dog knowing the dog was not going to be treated. They would make it clear to her what the options were and doing nothing would not be one.


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                          Originally posted by BeeJL View Post
                          I don't think any vet would release a dog knowing the dog was not going to be treated. They would make it clear to her what the options were and doing nothing would not be one.
                          Not true. Unfortunately. Vets do not work for free. If the person cannot afford care MANY will simply let them walk out the door. It's not like a human hospital where they HAVE to provide emergency care. they are NOT REQUIRED to in most places unless it can be paid for.

                          NOW that being said, the vets I work for would not have sent her out, they would have at least set the leg in a cast.....the spotting could have been from puppies being born. They do spot.

                          Would I have groomed her??? NO WAY. Would I have sent someone to check on her??? Maybe. Our HS would have had its hands tied since she sought medical care but couldnt afford it. they also would not have taken her without the woman paying a fee to surrender her.....I just know that here in GA the local vets would have sent her home FAST with no way to pay for it. Sad but true.
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                            in response

                            the HS will not come to our site and we did turn over the info to them, if I was in the city I use to be they would have come to the shop. I just hope that when they went to the house that they did not give the bull that the dog was gone or they gave it away but they didn't. It was miserable with that **** they were smearing on her she needed some kind of relief, sometime I feel like I am in a thrid world country the weird things that happen in this area astound me. I turned them down but my bather pleaded with me to help and like a idiot I did the dog. So if she has a problem let her come after me it was documented and enough witnesses were around. And we still do not know if HS did there part they keep it mum.