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  • Calling Memphis....

    Need a thick skinned, patient artist of a groomer in Memphis who will do a house call. Anybody have the nerve to take on one of my bi-city clients down there?
    I have a client who lives in both NY and Memphis; has the hairiest pomeranian. She is black and has the thickest coat I ever saw on one of these dogs. She is a tad bit overweight but way less than when I first started working on her.
    She needs a bath and brush out while down south. Last groomer down there butchered the dog and hacked the coat up. The client has now been AuntieBeth spoilt. You gotta have the patience to spend the time raking and a bit of dematting. The woman is a dear but clueless. Will pay good money for the right person. I don't want to see the dog go 2 months without a bath and blowout. She is a good dog to work on. Takes me 2 hours- mostly blowing her out. Thinning shears only!
    My clients are spoit rotten so if you have the personality and the skills send me a message- the dog goes to Memphis next week for 2 months.

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    who did she take it to.


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      don't know but...

      I doubt she had the brain set to know what she wanted at that point or was able to put it into words so there was definitely a lack of communication OR one of those places where it was easier to hack away than spend the 7 hours I did working on the dog ( 2 separate appointments 2 days apart) ... the thing is she was willing to pay anything and the dog was/is an angel
      If you have a service or salon and wish to get more info (- except if you were the one who did it, lol!) you will need to pm me- you do not receive private messages.