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  • Why are they so surprised...

    Why are people so surprised when they call Friday or Saturday and can't get in that day or that weekend? I work at a corporate salon now (don't even get me started haha) but used to work mobile and I was booked 4 to 6 weeks out at least! It just baffles me not only how many calls I get Friday and Saturday from people wanting in that day, but also how PISSED they get when I say our 5 groomers and 1 bather are booked till Tuesday! Where else do you call for an appointment and can in the same day on the weekend? Doctors, dentists, hairstylists? I really don't get it.

    And as a side note: I HATE the shampoos I have to use, they're complete **** and so far they won't let me use my Groomer's Helper! Not a happy camper on that one

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    It hasn't been that long since I was the one calling for a grooming appointment for my dogs (for the same day even). I had no idea how busy groomers were, well at least good groomers anyway.

    Tell them to call me. I can do it today. lol.


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      Ohhh yes!!! I'm currently booked up for 3-4 weeks for lil dogs, or 5+weeks to fit in bigger dogs. I don't work every saturday cos I do dog shows too, and have a life, and when I do work on a saturday I only do my regulars and I don't do a full day cos I'm already doing 5 full days alone during the week, saturdays are a bonus for some select customers!

      Annnnyway, so yesterday I was working (saturday) and had finished my clients and was just finishing up my girl too when an older lady walks in so I go to meet her at the door and say hi etc...
      lady: "hi! Can I get my dog groomed?"
      me: looks over the half-door at her lil cav, cute lil guy, bit dishevelled, and I can just *see* that thick thick undercoat is itching to come out. Certainly could do with a really good de-shed and tidy up!
      "Sure! I'm pretty sure I have space still on the 20th of April for him, let me just look..."
      lady: "oohhh... no I was wanting him done now... Can't you do him now?" and she comes closer to lean over and look behind me and see my big, very fluffy, standard poodle on the table who is obviously in the middle of being finished off (is she checking to make sure I'm actually busy doing something??)

      Riiight, so me having *just* said I'm full for several weeks is obviously going to change now simply cos you've asked me if I can do him right away!??? wtf!? I can't help it, I did actually laugh [at her?] briefly when she said that, until I saw her deadly serious face and I had to explain to her that I *am* actually fully booked up until April 20th now, I work by appointment and they have to be pre-booked ahead of time, but I'm happy to make one for her and groom him in April if she still wants...

      She seems a bit shell-shocked by it all, though I've never seen her before so I'm not sure why she'd expect me to be sitting around doing nothing on a saturday afternoon waiting for her...!?? lol!


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        Lol Flyingduster, I sometimes think that they do believe we sit around waiting for them to call! I had one woman call a few weeks ago on a Friday about getting in that weekend (earliest we had was Monday, so it was only a few days). She got uber-mad saying she keeps trying to call and get in and we're always booked! And that she was just going to have to find a more "reliable" groomer who she can call up anytime and they can take her right away!? I just said Good Luck and hung up haha.


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          They really don't get it, do they???

          I've only had one of those. Guy walks in to our very busy grooming area, I'm in the middle of clipping, husband is bathing the next, we have another in the dryer and one waiting, and asks if we could do his shepherd, right now, because his MIL won't let the dog in the house. Right.... that was last year - we were already booked out two months.


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            Originally posted by lyttleravyn View Post
            And as a side note: I HATE the shampoos I have to use, they're complete **** and so far they won't let me use my Groomer's Helper! Not a happy camper on that one

            Welcome to corporate! Corporate's way or the highway...


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              And do not forget the onesthat say after told the earliest, I'll call you back then ! As if no one else is going to call for that appointment ! Or the guy who walks in and wants his dobex done as I'm walking out the door, waddya mean ya can't do him now? Yeesh
              ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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                I had a call at 7pm tonight (sat), can she bring her dog over to get his anal glands done. I told her I was done working for the day. She thought I was horrible for not doing it.


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                  I had a guy call the other day who got a little nasty with me. He called on a Friday afternoon, Him "Hi, do you have any appointments tomorrow?" Me, "no I don't we don't work Saturdays, but I'm here Monday through Friday" Him, 'Well, you're not very flexible, you'll never see me!' slams phone down. What I wanted to say before he hung up on me was gee, I'm here from 7:30-5:00 every weekday and I'd like to see a little of my kids and husband on the weekends if you don't mind. Actually I am flexible, I'm willing to watch a clients dog all day while they work for no extra charge, I don't mind if they drop if off on their way to work and can't pick up until they get off at 5. My husband has even met clients at 7am to for dropoffs. Oh well, can't please everyone and I'm not about to start trying.


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                    Sooo many people think that there time is much more important than your.. I had a client call for a "Do it now" on a Sat. I told her we were booked but that I could "sqeeze" her in on Tue. She told me she was going to get the dog bathed somewhere else and that she would bring the dog to me on Tue for his cut..(what?! whateva) so i made the appointment and thought good luck!! Tue came and i figured she either found someone-and got the full groom or would show up and want me to do the full...She never showed! Wasnt surprised and had squished her in so moved on..Friday comes and I get a call.. Yup- my dog needs an appointment have anything for today or tomorro?? I poilitely informed her that she had not shown up for the Tue appt- and i could not get her in for 2 wks.. She booked the appointment(guess no one else could do it now) huffed about having to wait and offered no apology what so ever for her no-show!
                    You really cant please everyone-


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                      Originally posted by abandk03 View Post
                      I had a call at 7pm tonight (sat), can she bring her dog over to get his anal glands done. I told her I was done working for the day. She thought I was horrible for not doing it.
                      What, you don't want to spend your Sat night doing anal glands?


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                        I agree, most people are definitely pieces of work. I had SEVERAL today wanted same day appts. Now, we've only been a functioning salon for 4 1/2 months, but we're already a week booked out! And one of the customers that wanted in today had two full coated shih tzus who were attacking everyone in the store that wandered too close. Neither had been professionally groomed in 2 years. (One WAS 2, he'd never been done before!) I took one look at the tufts of mats sticking up everywhere and told him he'd be getting my #7 ken special if I groomed them. He backed off in a hurry.
                        There are 3 different kinds of people in this world: Dog people, cat people, and rational people who don't have a problem liking two things at the same time.


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                          Will you take a pizza with that

                          Sure come on in, and what kind of pizza do you like..........I'm buying. I think they really want to hear that.


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                            This ended up being longer then expected.....

                            We had one lady call today, her dog is IMPOSSIBLE for legs. I mean, all of us have tried holding the dog, muzzling, different people working together to hold the dog but it just does this impossible death roll and we don't want the dog to get injured. Finally last time I explained to her that maybe taking the dog to a groomer with a vet that give it a light sedative would be best. She thinks it's just the biting, doesn't understand it's the thrashing.

                            So she calls today and we have been booked out for about a week now but was asking if we could try to do the legs, today. My co-worker tries to explain you that we're busy and can't fit her in. She yells at her, "But I'm going to be in there with them today and have bought a new muzzle, you are ridiculous you aren't flexible." Yes, let's all clear our schedules to try to pin your dog down to do legs. LAMEO. LOL. My poor co-worker though, answered the phone as best she could with as busy as she was and like 75% of the calls complained/raised their voices with her.


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                              And don't forget the ones...

                              that need them done NOW because they are in such bad shape. And it's the groomer's fault for not getting them in sooner! Yes, I had a lady blame me because her dog was matted and had sores on his feet from the mats. It was my fault because he had to wait so long. Geeez!

                              Again, I posted thru and "drop box" grooming... never see the client. Think it would work??? Gotta figure out how to design a drop slot for a giant schnauzer or a newfie. Hmmmmmm