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Planning my Retirement

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  • Planning my Retirement

    We all strive to make our shops profitable, satisfying customers, and bring in new customers we don't ever think someday this will all end. How do we plan for the end of many years of grooming?

    I have came up with a plan of my own just need input on a few things. Jan.1st 2010, I was 62, been grooming 40yrs. I plan on taking in only a few new customers this year, not filling in any 4:00pm appointments with any one but the ones who have a 4:00 at this time. I groom 6 dogs a day, 4 days a week, 3 in the mornings and 3 in the afternoons.

    Next Jan, 2011 I will be 63, no new customers at all, start weeding the ones I really don't want to groom anymore.

    2012, I'm 64, weeding out even more cause first of Nov. I will put in for my Social Security to retire Jan,1 . 2013.

    I want to groom only 4 days a week, mornings only.......NOW how in the world am I going to cut all the afternoon customers without them hanging me from the nearest tree???? They are going to have a living fit....there are two groomers in town, one is not taking in any new customers and the other one ....well, I wouldn't take my dog there. I don't want to train a gal either, I did and she just didn't work out.
    So any ideas to help me out to make this final phase of my grooming life would help. My shop in a part of my home so having another groomer to work the afternoon her won't work out.

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    I'm no help, but you need to slowly let them know what is coming. And stick to your guns, everyone needs some me time and it sounds like you'veearned it!
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      I'm headed in that direction too. I turned 60 this year.

      [how in the world am I going to cut all the afternoon customers without them hanging me from the nearest tree????]

      You could always move!!
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        I think you should try training someone again. Then, you can groom as little as you want and spend the rest of your time managing the business and raking in the cash : )


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          when you figure it out

          let me know... I don't think I will be able to afford to retire... jeeze 4 days a week????? Heaven! I would settle for morning and afternoon - that would be like retiring for me!


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            I would stop taking new clients now. You still have 2 years, some of the pets will pass away or move in that time. Some of your pm clients will be willing to come in in the am. It's sad to let some go, but keep the best of the best and have a happy retirement.
            Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

            Groom on!!!


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              I wouldn't retire when I reach 65 BUT I have many health issues with my whole body and I'm hanging on by a thread right now.
              I only groom dogs under 20#, no shave downs, no hard comb-outs, no once a years and no hard to control dogs, must come in 6-8 weeks. Which I started all this about 18 years ago and it helped me get this far, but now I'm looking at the end I guess.

              Training another person to groom is just too stressful and I don't groom many different breed dogs to learn from as I don't even do Cockers Poms,Lhasa,or Shelties. And it's hard for someone to start up in our town cause only 1 Vet out of 3 wants a groomer,new groomers can't afford their shop so if they can't setup in their own homes they won't be able to do it. sad