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new client with 2 scotty's

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  • new client with 2 scotty's

    Yay! New client came in for her appointment today with her 2 scotty's! They definately know where the cookie jar is, if ya know what I mean... They did great for all except a little fussy on nails, no biggie though. They were even quiet when finished grooming! So mom & her daughter comes in to pick up & were amazed at how good they look. Daughter says, " their dandruff is gone! when we would pick up the girls from the other groomer, they would have a dandruff all over them!". I just smiled & said that I enjoyed having them here & would love to have them back. I also gave them a Free 2 0z cologne spray from SS. to say thank you for trying us out!

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    Its always nice to have sweet dogs come in to make your day I love grooming terriers.. even tho most terriers don't like getting groomed lol. I love when the well behaved ones come in. I have a Scotty who is an angel for everything except nails & I love doing her.


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      Scotties are probably my favorite breed to groom. I have never met one I didn't like!