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  • Grooming at Animal Shelter

    I posted previously about volunteering at my local SPCA grooming the dogs there to gain some experience as a new groomer. Yesterday was my first day and what a great experience it was. I had access to a wonderful groom room with everything I could possibly need to groom and bathe the dogs, and they have given me the freedom to groom any dog that I want, as well as some they choose for me that are going off site to various places to be shown. Yesterday I bathed 3 big dogs and they were all so sweet. I could tell they were just happy to have human interaction and individual attention. I spent time playing with them prior to bathing them, just to get a feel for their temperament, and then took them to the groom room. I learned some valuable lessons. #1, make sure the drying kennel is latched properly. I left the groom room to go get the second dog while the one was drying in the kennel. I closed the door to the groom room of course, but when I came back, the escape artist was out and had towels pulled off the shelves and strewn all over the room. OOPS!! #2, protect your NOSE. When I went to lift the one dog into the tub, I somehow got knocked in the nose really hard (not sure how) and today it hurts like crazy. #3, don't enter a kennel at a shelter and lock yourself in with the dog. LOL. I went to put the one dog back and went inside with him, thus locking myself in the kennel with the dog. I had to crawl through the little square opening that allows them to go to the outside part of the kennel and was able to get out that way. I wasn't about to scream HELP for a fellow volunteer to come and save me, or I'd forever be remembered as that crazy woman that locked herself in with a dog. All in all, it was the most rewarding experience, and I can't wait to go back next Friday. I know they won't all be that easy, but my first day was great. I cried the whole way home, just thinking about all those sweet dogs that were left behind and who deserve loving homes. I think that volunteering is a great way for new groomers to gain experience with dogs....and it's a great thing for everyone to do, even the seasoned groomers, because it's just so darn good for the heart.

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    That is wonderful!

    You are doing a great thing for these dogs! You should be very proud of yourself, and I am sure the dogs are happy to feel clean and have some one-on-one time with a human.
    I tried to volunteer at my Humane Society, but the paperwork and the rules for volunteering were just to much for me, such as having to go so many hours supervised each day for a month. It is 45 mins away, so I was thinking I would go in one day a week, but they need me there 3 hours a day 5 days a week for the first month. I couldn't do that and try to start a business.
    I wish you tons of luck and hope all the dogs are good to you, and when you go back I hope some of them have found their new forever home because of your work.
    Way to go and watch out for those nose knocks, my first large dog head butted me so bad I thought I was going to pass out !
    Keep sharing about your visits and how it goes with the learning, and the dogs getting homes