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Found a way to get some new clients :)

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  • Found a way to get some new clients :)

    I bought some magnetic business card stickies...I put my card on them, and carry some with me. When I see a car or van with a dog in it at the mall or parked at a park, I take a card with the magnetic backing and place it over the drivers door handle...have put 13 out and have 5 new clients
    I'm sure I won't always have these results, but it is going good for now, so I am happy.
    I bought a package of 50 magnets at the office supply store for $16.00 and it looks like it is paying off!
    Just wanted to share since it is an inexpensive way to hit your target market.

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    awesome idea. I am going to do that. I get my magnetic cards at Vista Print. They are FREE!!!!!!! just pay shipping.

    Basically the way vista print works, is once you sign up with them you get tons of free offers in your email. I have gotten free note cards, free thank you notes, free post cards, free business magnets and free business cards. HUGE money saver... Oh and free large car advertising magnet.

    I am going to order some right now and try your idea!


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      I just ordered. The magnets have my business card at the top with a calendar for the year underneath. I figure even if they are not interested THAT DAY in grooming, they will keep the magnet just for the cute dog pictures and the year calendar at a glance. They will put it on their fridge and then who knows.. one day they may be annoyed with their groomer or cant get an appt. See the card on the fridge and give me a call.

      Thank you thank you for the awesome idea.


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        I might be in the minority here

        but it pisses me off to no end when people put things on my car.


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          fly I dont like flyers. They just make a mess . Half the time you dont notice till you are driving and you have to stop. I hate flyers on my car.. But a magnet would be cool. It is something you can use!


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            Originally posted by flyinfur View Post
            but it pisses me off to no end when people put things on my car.
            Sorry to say but I agree.
            That Tenacious Terrier!


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              Originally posted by flyinfur View Post
              but it pisses me off to no end when people put things on my car.
              What if it was a hundred dollar bill?

              You know...I don't think it's even legal around here put stuff on people's vehicles. Something to do w/ littering....

              I think it's a cute idea and a magnet wouldn't bother me as much as those paper fliers. There is a little bit of a weird feeling about someone invading my "space" tho,....particularly if my dog was in the vehicle and got all worked up. But then again...I guess my dog shouldn't be in the vehicle unattended...should it? This was a very interesting thought process...huh?
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                Originally posted by flyinfur View Post
                but it pisses me off to no end when people put things on my car.
                Ditto. Hubby is even worse. He has a little sign in the window of his truck that says: "if you value your life as much as I value this truck, don't **** with it!"
                "With God's help, all things are possible!"
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                  Well, so far no complaints and nowI am up to 7 new clients

                  Yeap, 7 out of 13 calling me to book.
                  If anyone does call with a complaint, I will apologize and offer them an add on service for free to make it up to them.
                  Around here groomers waiting lists are long, as many have said on this forum. Since I am new, and not in the yellow pages, I have to be creative and this seems to be working. The card has my website on it, as well as e-mail and phone numbers, so anyone can call for an appointment or to see my work on the site, or to complain. So far just the bookings are coming.
                  I value my new bike and my car and I hate windshield flyers, they look tacky and fly all over the place, but my husband and I have gone into a store or gas station or coffee shop and have found notes, business cards ect, on the bikes telling us about a bike club, charity run, or something ( thank goodness there has never been a note saying I ran over you bike, cal me LOL) and since it relates to what we are doing/ or into for a hobby, it is good news for us.

                  I think most people so far appreciate it, I have seen their dog and thought my service may help them out at some point and time, so I will keep doing it. I also give one to each new client that comes here along with a report card for their dog and a list of the products and services I offer, as well as all my contact info, and the link to my website. I was recently told twice that it is a very professional looking package, and 2 people this weekend alone commented on how well I am presenting myself.
                  Also, I want to thank Valentine, as she is looking after my website, without her I wouldn't have one!
                  So, to each their own, I tried it out and it is working for me, maybe it will work for you, maybe not.
                  Thanks for the idea of Vista Print, I keep meaning to sign up, but something always gets me off track
                  I will do that this week!