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1 Customer - 10 dogs coming in the morning

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  • 1 Customer - 10 dogs coming in the morning

    My concern is that there are 3 cockers. She is driving 40 minutes to get to me and will be hanging out waiting for the dogs by going to breakfast and the beach. Not like I am gonna be able to blast em out in a few hrs.

    7 of them will be baths w/nail trims -- chi's or chi mixes, english bull dog, pit, etc.

    It's the 3 cockers that will take time. I normally work on one until its done so I can get them nice and straight but w/3 what are my options. Should I bath, hv and put w/a blower and then start the next bath, etc or just go one by one. If it dries too much -- can I spritz and finish drying to get straight?

    I'll check the thread in the am for any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would bath all 3 and let them be air drying untill you can get to each one. I had two cockers yesterday, both matted yard dogs. Both were shave downs,( did a wet shave on both) so nothing fancy, but I washed both, then let one sit while I worked in the other one. After I clipped the second one and put her in front of the drying fan, she dryed in no time. Or, you could just lock the door and pretend no body was there and just hide,,,lmao. Good luck girl!


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      I would call in back up! Then, in the future either call in back up, as in at least one person per cocker, or book them on separate days, or book them for the ENTIRE day and make sure she knows it will take ALL day. I know it's tough with her being 40 mins from you though. Good luck you brave, brave soul!


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        I would spend 5 minutes zipping a bunch of hair off before each bath, bathe each one and place in a cage dryer, then come back to the first one and start fluff drying each one with HV.


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          I would call in sick.


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            If all dogs are short haired except the cockers, I'd remove as much hair as necessary to dry the cockers efficiently (maybe none, maybe shave down) then get the cockers bathed and left to air dry with fans while you bathe and dry everyone else. They may be mostly dry when you get back to them to fluff out (if possible) and finish.


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              Yikes! I would never attempt to groom more than one Cocker

              in a day. I have to groom four Schnauzers in one family today and it takes close to four hours for them.

              Yesterday I met a lady at the pet food store who asked what I charge for a Groom. She said she has 40, yes, FORTY dogs! Yorkies she has shown and Dobermans and also powder puffs. So many need haircuts. She didn't ask for a card when I told her my price. She didn't ask for a group discount, but I would not give one if she had. She also lives a fair distance from me. That is a lot of poop to clean up and nails to trim, etc. The food bill must be very high. I knew an active show breeder who had 19, (including pups) but 40? Something wrong here, ya think?


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                Originally posted by PAWS View Post
                I would call in back up! Then, in the future either call in back up, as in at least one person per Cocker, or book them on separate days, or book them for the ENTIRE day and make sure she knows it will take ALL day. I know it's tough with her being 40 mins from you though. Good luck you brave, brave soul!
                And charge her the entire day. Why is she driving 40 minutes? Did she P.O. the people close to her? I never let the length of the drive influence me. It is Their choice where they go.
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                  I would bath and while they are drying work on one at a time. Good luck!


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                    I would bathe the 3 cockers first and put them in kennels with a fan on them. Then I'd bathe the rest of the dogs. Once you're done bathing you start with the cocker that is the most try and start getting them done. If they are a little too dry when you pull them out to groom them, just spritz them with some water and fluff. That's a lot better then trying to do each one straight through.


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                      I am sorry I missed, this, but I couldn't have helped much anyhow--I am anxious to see how your day ended up going!! What a long day! I know when I groom in all of my own Cavaliers that it is a FULL and LONG day for me. But if you can get thru this day and all of her dogs,,what a great client to have for your salon!!
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                        I'm going to wait and see...

                        how your day went...before returning a call I got this afternoon. Potential new client....wants 11 Pekes groomed one day next week.
                        [Sibes checking calendar...nope, it's not April Fool's Day yet.]
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                          Well, how the day go?

                          I have a new client with three black Shih Tzu's that I groomed all on the same day. When she came to pick up I told her I wouldn't do it again. They were noisy, terrible dogs to work on. I think the problem with them is the owner started grooming them first. I think I may have been their first groomer ever. They all fought with their faces, terrible in the tub, with the drier. One of them pooped in the crate.

                          When that day was over I was ready for it to be!
                          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                            well i would have done the nails on all the bath only dogs first, washed them all and dryed mostly and popped the smaller ones into crates to dry, and the couple bigger ones in crates to finish drying, then moved onto the cockers....washed and mostly dried each one,pop into crates to finish drying and gotten all the bath dogs outta the way first...then move onto the cockers. to me its easier to get the easy dogs done first then do the haircuts. that way your not chugging thru 3 haircut dogs and knowing you still have 7 other dogs to do.


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                              Ok, I'm done.

                              Well, I attempted to take the advice given -- which was all good. It turns out it was 4 cockers , yep, she snuck one in there. And one was in full coat but had pneumonia last month so she didn't want him sitting damp any length of time. I did have back up (Ally was here and bathed 3 cockers right off the bat) but also had 3 other dogs to groom from my regular business. I got 2 of those to reschedule for tomorrow (like I really wanted to work on Sunday ... oops).

                              The full coated cocker was gorgeous but did have some matting that took extra time -- got those out when he was still damp (got that advice from Jodi when she said the hair has more give when wet --thank goodness for my LP mattzapper). I should have taken more time to check the other cockers, but with 10 dogs bouncing around in a car and trying to get them out in some assemblence of order ... plus she got there at 7:20 instead of 8. I didn't plan on being there til 7:45 so another oops. So I didn't check the cockers well and one was very matted under every pit and down to the hock and the ears. (he ended up in a creative cut -- I told her it was Japanese - lol) The rest was fine. One other was shaved not too long ago so easy and the other was a puppy so its first cocker pet trim.

                              Then there was 1 pit bull, 1 chi, 3 york/chi's but they all had coats like norwich's - bushy and cute (should have been hand stripped -- no time for that), 1 puppy english bulldog (wanted to keep that little girl -- she was a fireplug and sooooo darling). At one point in the morning, I thought I lost one of the dogs - so I had the inside girl looking everywhere for it. It wasn't lost at all - it was in a crate waiting for the next bath. oops.

                              All the dogs were awesome ... no biters, spinners, growlers. They were the sweetest dogs and I would do it again. I am totally exhausted but I know I have a customer that will be back. I set another day 6 wks from now and will keep them on a schedule. She likes doing them all on one day. She brought her elderly mom down (lucky for me we had a wheelchair to loan them) and they went to breakfast at the harbor, then pushed her thru a local beach town, went to a resort and had drinks and then pick up the dogs by 3pm.

                              I am totally pooped. Oh and I did one matted aussie to end the day -- got that one done just exactly at 5pm when we close. Whew.

                              Oh and she drove the 40 miles because I bought her cage bank from her last week. It was such a deal that I offered to groom her dog free -- but then she told me she had ten. I said, uh -- like I said, one of them. She was intrigued by my place but now she loves it. It is really beautiful here at this time of year. I have customers that literally drive from everywhere to board their dogs here. We have a guy that does all the film editing from American Idol & I think you can dance whose dog is here this weekend. I just have to build the grooming side of the business. So slow and steady.

                              Oh and she left a big tip -- so we went out for dinner.