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  • Getting burned out....

    not from grooming, but from people!!!!!! I currently HATE my staff and a few of my clients! I love grooming and I love my doggie clients, but the humans are driving me nuts!!!!! What's a groomer to do??

    Just for starters, I had a client board a 1 year old crazy GSD with me for 4 days. We have huge suites (indoor/outdoor, 60 sq feet, lots of activity) and the goofy dog split the tip of her tail wagging it against the chain link outter kennel. I cleaned her up, wraped the tail, and called the owner and explained what happened. I offered to pay a vet bill if necessary. I called the next day to follow-up. Then yesterday, another client called to let me know that she is all over FB telling people not to kennel dogs with me because I injured her dog! I live in a small town and I hate this kind of stuff! Uggg! Can someone please invent a drive-thru or drop-box grooming business?? I want to get the dogs from a box with carefully written directions and never see people. OK, maybe I'm going a little overboard, but just think of the possibilities!!!!

    thanks for letting me vent.

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    Niceidea, but a gsd wo'nt fit in a box ! I think we work with dogs because they make more sense, you did what you could and this dumb bunny is bad mouthing you because her pet was happy there? My own big goofy pup would do something simialar, he is just happy, sounds lke this dog has a better attitude than the owner. Do'nt aweat it, the dog is fine and the people who board there will talk you up, anyone who takes craigs list to seriously is warped.imo
    ~~Everyone is entitled to my opinion!~~


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      SOmetimes people suck!

      I had something similar happen to me 2 weeks ago. The groom for Hel*! I did everything I could to fix this ladies dog that was matted and took too long doing it, I should have shaved the dog down right from the start, but I fell for her sob story and tried to clip out the matts and leave the dog longer, 4 hours later I had to call her and tell her to come get the dog and bring it back on her day off that I had to shave it, but I needed to fix/even everything up and she was fine with that, did n't pay me and was coming SUnday to bring her dog. Now she was paying $35 for this groom and she never came back. Told me it wasn't a problem and then had the nerve to have her friends write about my "hack" job on my facebook page. I was furious.
      Thankfully my clients stood by me and I have been busy. Some people have no class. She isn't saying she ripped me off for the grooming fee, or that I offered to have her bring the dog back on her day off and booked the time to fix it up, or that I tried against my better judgement to make her happy...Nope! Just I made a mess of her dog.
      That was when I decided no more miss nice girl, from now on when I say it is a shave down, if thye don't like it they can go elsewhere!

      It's people like this that make me prefer dogs. The poor dog was just happy to be clean and matt free, he didn't accuse me of making him ugly, he was licking my face the whole time.


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        these things happen.Ive worked a boarding facilities for 10 years.people like this will come and go-just dont take it to heart dont dwell on it .In one ears out the other.cant please 'em all. as for the staff, thats all your doing.if you dont like 'em send them on their way.I am so lucky to like my other co worker,she only works one day but she used to work 5 days a week.I would have been so bummed if we didnt get along.


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          I hear ya bama, I think we all have days, weeks like that! The people part can really get tiresome. I find some people I just don't like but love their dog and I have to really struggle not to show my dislike for them. I guess we all struggle with people issues.