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  • Independent Contractor question

    I am an independent contractor and I have a question regarding some policies. In our salon we have punch cards - buy 9 grooms get the 10th free. My question is do most groomers still get paid their commission on the free groom? Also, the owner expects me to make phone calls to get clients in and she also expects me to come in on my day off or stay late to do extra cleaning (wash walls, take apart kennels and wash etc). Is this acceptable? Any help that anyone would give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's sounding like you might not be an IC.

    If you are, then you should expect to be making phone calls, making appointments and bringing YOUR OWN clients in the door. But, you should also be setting your prices, determining what discounts you do or do not give, and setting your own hours.

    Yes, I would expect you to have to do some cleaning, as I don't see why you would not be responsible for cleaning your own work area, but again, this would be on your own schedule, but you should not be leaving your work area dirty. Deep cleaning does have to be worked into the schedule, but should only affect your day off if you choose it to.

    As for a groomer collecting commission on a free groom? As an IC, I don't see how you can demand pay for something you offer for free.

    However, it sounds highly suspicious that you are actually an employee that is being paid incorrectly. If you have a boss that determines your hours, how you do things, what you will charge, and what discounts you will give, etc, you are an employee, not an independent contractor. With that, you not only should be paid correctly so that the boss is paying appropriate taxes and so that neither one of you gets in trouble with the IRS, but the boss should also be paying you for your work. If the boss chooses to offer a 10th groom free, that doesn't mean you should be expected to work for free. I personally would not expect employees to work on their day off, but I would also expect them to get their work done during the hours they do work. IMO, cleaning is part of being a groomer.


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      You are not an IC, you are not setting prices and policies but following the shop rules. An IC is Independent Contractor, key word here is independent and you don't seem to be. I'd do some checking before you and your boss get into trouble with the IRS, they don't care if you didn't know the laws, you'll get penalized just the same. I wish you luck.


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        Ha sounds like you work for someone I once worked for try as they may I do not come in on my day off for no pay and clean anything or stay late without pay to deep clean and do extras. As part of being a commissioned employee however answering phones, taking in clients and cleaning your area and doing a little other cleaning are usually a part of the job. As an employee you should not be doing a groom for free if the owner wants to offer freebies or discounts that should be on their dime not yours.

        Sounds like you are an employee and the owner is taking adavantage of you financially.