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    I have been seeing several commercials advertising this refrigerated dog food. I went to their website and their ingredient list is really funny. On the slice and serve food it lists Chicken, eggs, chicken liver, chicken broth, carrots, brown rice, peas, rice bran, carrageenan, salt, natural flavors. then lists the vitamins and minerals. So in what order are these in the list? What are the first ingredients? i'm just wondering if they are trying some advertising shadiness. It seems like a decent food but this is an odd way to list it and I had to do some searching to find the ingredients. Here is the link

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    I buy this product often for my westie and she loves it. I believe the products are listed in order of what there is most of first. They sell these in several stores in my area.


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      i see what you mean. pet labeling doesn't follow the same rules as people food labeling and because of that many pet food companies take advantage and IMO are intentionally deceptive. i've seen this co. at trade shows and have gotten a huge sample to try on my dogs. i don't think it is their intention to be deceptive.
      on pet food labels, the first listed ingredient is by weight NOT volume. big difference.
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        If you purchase it in the store, the package does state how much of each ingredient is in each roll. Seem to be good quality ingredents that have not been highly processed and dogs seem to love it. I have only seen it at Kroger stores around Ohio.