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    I usually buy a new pair of clippers every year or two and looking into getting the Andis clippers with the light. Does anyone have a pair and how do you like them?

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    I've been using those clippers for about 2 years and I really do like them. You don't always have to have the light on but it's nice while working on dark colored dogs. The clippers have pretty good power. All in all I've been happy with these clippers.
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      I bought a pair last year. I used them a couple of times, but returned them after a few days because they ran REALLY hot. I tried them with the light on, light off, different blades and still they heated up within minutes of using them. I have other Andis clippers and don't have a problem with them. It may have just been a bad clipper, but I didn't want to risk it. The light sure was nice on those black dogs though.
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        i had the same problem as cat crazy i sent mine back too


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          I like my lighted Andis clippers. I use three clippers every day. The Ivac with my Taxi Vac, the bravura for tight spaces and the Andis lighted for anything else. I never had a problem with it getting hot.
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            Love my Andis Lighted, had it 3 yrs and I have not had any issues with it.