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Kennel cough question

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  • Kennel cough question

    Lucy was treated for a likely kennel cough based on a previous exposure- wasn't until after the dogs had been playing for a while did i notice that Niisi was sneezing and coughing a bit. How long is she contagious for after she quits coughing? I didn't hear anything from her yesterday and we played pretty vigorously last night. She has been on antibiotics since Monday evening.

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    When I managed the boarding kennel...I was guilty of practicing overkill when it came to anything airborne and contagious....particularly canine upper respiratory viruses. I required a 3 waiting week period of no symptoms before admitting the dog(s) for boarding/grooming. It was a mandatory 3 week waiting period for any client that had recently adopted a dog from any of our local shelters or rescues.
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