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Bad things happen sometimes but it's the lack of caring that really bothers me

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  • Bad things happen sometimes but it's the lack of caring that really bothers me

    Yesterday afternoon I went to my front window to see if, perhaps, my next client had arrived, when I suddenly noticed a grey cat, the same colour and size as my Puddie Pie, laying in the middle of the road, it appeared to be dead. I immediately bolted upstairs to where my 2 kitties usually spend the day snoozing in their kittie beds, (thinking that maybe my Puddie had somehow escaped the safety of the house). Both of them were there. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I ran back down the stairs and out to the roadside. I couldn't see any signs of life whatsoever but did notice a red collar on the poor thing. I came back into the house and called the Animal Care Service who advised me that they would soon come around to pick it up and that I was not to touch it.
    Now, in the meantime, my next client arrived to the door of my shop at the back of my house and never mentioned the dead cat AND my previous client arrived to pick up and never mentioned the cat. This cat was in plain view of my driveway, in the very middle of the road. (I had considered covering it with a blanket, but thought that someone might be more likely to run it over again and I didn't want that to happen. I also thought that the owners may be looking for it and wouldn't see it if I "hid" it with a blanket.) It's been bothering me ever since that neither of these fellows cared enough to even enquire so see if it might possibly be my cat or that I may even know who the owner might be.
    I'm sad about that poor kitty. Glad that I keep mine safely inside. Sad that some people don't give a ****.
    Just had to get that off my chest.

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    I think -

    In this case you have to give the clients a little more lattitude. They could have been looking at their dog and not really seen the dead cat. Or maybe they saw the cat and were afraid to tell you. Or saw it and then forgot when they had to get their dog out of the car and greet you.

    Most animal people will notice that kind of thing, but other things can distract them.