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The correct way to use shears

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  • The correct way to use shears

    I've been having a hard time keeping my scissoring technique correct and it's making my scissoring on clients suffer. I've never been able to get it down perfectly, but it's gotten worse since I had my cat mauling/hand injury in January. Basically I just -can't- keep my fingers from moving unless I cup my scissoring hand in my other hand. This is really causing my shears to bounce as I scissor and it's making the cuts uneven. I've tried the exercises that various books recommend to help strengthen the hand so that my is the only digit moving but so far it's not helping. I was wondering if anyone has any tips?

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    what about

    using attachment combs first to set the length then you wont have as much scissor work to do, or get a clipper vac to make it easier on you. I know as I get older my hands dont work so good anymore so theses tools have helped alot, but that still leaves the brush out and thats what is my problem right now gripping the brush for a long time I cramp up then my hands wont scissor. Good luck Dawn


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      I don't know if this will help or not, but I sew and I noticed when I cut fabric it is your that does all the work. Sometimes I will cut out 30 pairs of pants cause I make and sell them on ebay & etsy. Anyway, it is really works your muscle. Try putting a piece of paper on the counter and getting out some sissors and cutting it with the paper flat on the counter, it is the same concept. It is your doing the work. Hope that doesn't sound to crazy, lol.


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        Scissoring challenges

        If you do try this exercise to strengthen your by cutting paper on a table, be sure you DO NOT use your good shears. Get out the cheap, old beginners scissors from the back of the drawer. One of the fastest ways to ruin your shears (besides dropping them) is to use them on paper. My old shears are used to cut ribbon.

        If you are having muscle control issues in your hand you might also try placing a small ball in your palm and wrapping your hand around it and squeezing. This is sometimes used as a stress-reliever but also does help with strenghtening.

        Scissoring has plenty of challenges without having to deal with pain and lack of control due to an injury. Sorry you are having to deal with this.

        good luck,