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  • Animal Shelter US Postal Stamps

    Have you seen the display announcing them at the post office? Very nice way to raise awareness and funds for pet food donations. Ellen Degeneres is the spokesperson.

    I noticed at our post office that they put a big sign Not Avaliable Until April 30. I asked and the clerk said they had to put the poster up ahead of time, but they were swamped with requests for stamps so they made the available date REALLY LARGE. Good sign.

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    Unfortunately part of the proceeds go to HSUS, an anti-meat, anti-hunting, anti-breeder, pro vegan, animal rights, and political lobbyist group that dumps millions into their employee pension funds each year. They place adds all over tv that fool people into thinking they rescue animals and fund shelters, when in fact, they run no shelters.

    Their tax records show that less than 1/2 of 1% of their multi-millions per year in donations wind up helping homeless animals in shelters. They were recently in trouble for running adds soliciting donations to help animals in Haiti, when in fact, they had no rescue effort in place, and never stepped foot in the county.

    "That includes over $2.5 million contributed to employee pension plans. HSUS chief executive Wayne Pacelle made just over $251,000 in salary and benefits." (Humane Watch)

    Please research the charities receiving cash from these stamps before you buy them. A good place to start is , you can also find them on Facebook. They cover many of the lawsuits and fraud taking place with this animal rights group.

    As a breeder, meat eater, pet owner, and pet groomer, I could not ethically purchase even one of these stamps. Donations will go a long way when given to your local shelter.


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      Thank you for setting the record straight. Nobody in the pet industry should do anything to support HSUS or PETA. Their goal is to eliminate ownership of companion animals. Where would that leave us??? And so many more that depend on animals for companionship and support...