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  • OT - Signs of spring

    We are now into spring and the first signs have seemed to explode in just the last few days! Tree's are getting full of color, forsythia is BRIGHT yellow, robins are out in droves searching for worms/bugs, and our chickens are sitting on their nest. Today, we were blessed with our first spring hatchlings and should know by tomorrow the final count (probably around 10 - 12). We have another hen sitting and they'll probably hatch in the next couple of weeks.

    What are your first signs of spring?

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    Spring at is HELP WANTED ADS. Over 100 in the last 24 hours! The spring rush is starting no doubt.

    This is a good time for a reminder I suppose. Need help this Spring or early Summer, start now as the first tidal wave of help wanted ads comes every year at this time.

    NeaNea our ranch is hopping too. Frisky squirrels and chipmunks everywhere, hundreds of chickadees and sparrows, all the spring bulbs up, deer herd day and night, lots of flowering cherries making everything PINK.
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      Well, we're a little behind you up in Ontario. There are Canada geese flying north again, robins appeared this week, the goldfinches at my feeder are starting to turn yellow. Nothing has sprouted here yet. You are lucky to have chickens! I think I'll make that a goal for my retirement!


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        Spring has sprung because I'm so antsy I cant hardly stand it. I can't wait to go to the lake and lay in the sun in the boat.


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          They have been here ALL my life...

          but today was the first time I ever, EVER, got to see them. A whole tribe of Cedar Waxwings, like 100 of them (for once...that's not an exaggeration!)
          They used the low hanging branches of a maple tree right outside the sunroom door as a rest stop on their way to somewhere....

          It was like a cheery, crazy, chirpy, bird circus for an hour!

          I never realized how incredibly beautiful they are until I put my binocs on them. My bird book doesn't do them justice.

          The 1st blizzard in mid-Dec insulated my Fall pansies, and they were further insulated by round 2 and 3 in Feb.
          As a result...I have 50 Pansy BUSHES...full of blooms, daffodils, crocii, my tulipia are blooming, and even the Mouse that lives under the stove laid eggs and hatched new baby meeces. Smart ones too...cuz they were nourished in mouse-utero w/ Smartcorn. I really gotta do something about that.

          Happy Spring! Wish I had some fancy chickens. Will chickens eat mice?
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            We have snowdrops blooming and daffodils on the way. Also have visiting ducks and Canada geese in the backyard. (Our land is really low and we have water everywhere right now, not just in the pond.)


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              For my area it is ......

              The wonderful fragrance of the orange blossoms that come and go so quickly. You can smell them best after dark. siiiiiifffffff, sneeze sneeeze. I love them, itchy eyes and all.


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                Originally posted by Admin View Post
                Spring at is HELP WANTED ADS. Over 100 in the last 24 hours! The spring rush is starting no doubt..
                One of those jobs is at a great place near me with an awesome reputation. I COULD WALK THERE. Why oh why can't I be fully trained and qualified yet?

                All the bulbs are coming up in the garden and all the hair is coming off the pets. It really must be spring.


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                  Phone calls about Poms, Collies, etc needing a "summer cut" cause summer is coming!


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                    Daffodils and iris in my backyard, and the first robin of spring - dismembered on my living room rug...

                    Sometimes I think DH is right: we shoulda just stuck with goldfish!
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