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  • Wolves for sale

    My mom brought this ad to my attention from Florida.

    I don't think it's even legal to own wolves in most states is it.

    Maybe they are hybrids either way scary to have a pure wolf or hybrid in the wrong hands?

    You have to scroll down and click on pets and scroll down again to find the ad.
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    just my 2 cents

    It is illegal to own wolves in most states. Other states have strict stipulations for owning one.I think if they are hybrids they can get away with it somehow. The bad thing is that a hybrid is more dangerous than a full wolf. The temperments of the hybrids are normally very unpredictable. Of course the person selling the pups could be full of it too. I've seen people try to sell "wolf" pups and they are really husky, malamute, shepard combinations.


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      It was a shock when I moved to SC this summer to discover that wolves and wolf hybrids are legal here; in Ga you can't have anything much that is wild blood.


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        not sure about most states but I do have a client that has a 1/2 hybrid and a 3/4 wolf hybrid. The male who is the 1/2 was pretty good for the first 3 years on his life then he started going weird which is about the age that they reach sexual maturity. Now the female who was 3/4 wolf was nuts from the start. She was crazy about being caged or restrained in anyway. She destroyed my tub restraint and torn open my arm trying to get out of the tub. I get that so many people think it's cool to have these wild animals but in the wrong hands it's down right dangerous. I hope that things don't end badly for those pups.
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          This topic comes up on occasion and I still maintain, these are like every other exotic "pet". They are dangerous, be it wolf or wolf-dog cross, and shouldn't be allowed to be SOLD at all (federally). People in states/counties where there are bans or regulations in place, have found ways of getting around it by saying they are husky mixes etc. I've talked to a few people that have actually told me they had a wolf-dog, but they just tell people it's a husky mix to get around regulations. There are currently no regulations in the STATE of NC, but each county has their own ordinances regarding exotics (which include tigers, lions, wolf and crosses, as well as, other NON-native wildlife or domestic species). Wolf-dogs can not be vaccinated for rabies (legally) the same as domestic dogs because the vaccines are not labeled for use with wildlife, so there in lyes another problem.

          The wolf crosses are more dangerous because they DON"T FEAR HUMANS, so they've lost their inhibition and can become very bold. They are very strong and have a tremendous bite strength, they can get out of almost any fence (with the exception of maybe electrified) by jumping or digging, and are VERY resourceful if left to their own devices.

          Having worked with Grey Wolves as well as other exotics, I developed a love for these species and it broke my heart seeing them caged. I don't advocate owning these extraordinary animals and HATE the market that has been created for caging any of these exotic species. It's sad, just sad


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            I don't know anything about the wolves....I couldn't get over the "RARE CKC CHIHUHUAS"

            I had no idea chihuhuas are rare. I guess you learn something new everyday...


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              i have a cousin in florida, for all i know that's her ad. i don't keep in contact with her, but i know she was selling wolf hybrids out of the trailer park where she lived. i know the type of person she is, and it didn't surprise me when i heard.
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                I'm not for sure

                they are legal in CA but they are around. I had a neighbor that had a pure wolf. And the howling echoing through our canyon was beautiful. But she'd say it was a husky mix if asked for she was afraid of people being bothered. There was a guy who brought his wolf hybrid, very wolfy like, to the dog park back when I took my lively young Coonhound there. I thought that was playing with fire. We have a wild life waystation that has taken in a few hybrids that needed a home due to risky behavior. The waystation people are very angry at wolf cross breeders.
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                  So they are selling wolves in FL but trying to ban Rottweilers and Pitbulls. The legislators are really on the ball, huh?


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                    I found a link for Florida and they have to be less than 75% wolf to be owned. Who is going to measure the degree and how?

                    Scary that any ding-dong could walk around with any percentage of wolf knowing some of the less than brilliant people those of us who work with animals have seen own pets they can't handle.

                    Does anyone know if white wolves are born with blue eyes? All the pictures I find thier eyes are green or greenish/brown.


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                      A few yrs. ago we had someone come into the shop where I worked with one, they wanted it shaved. He was beautiful but a bit nervous. I spoke to the young girl that owned him (she seemed normal). I asked what exactly she wanted. She explained that his back side was pretty matted with too much hair. I attempted to feel his back...he allowed me to touch his head/ neck area, then he gave me the look.

                      I am sure this young "dog" was picking up on my uncertainty and concern for him. He was a concerned, too. We told the young girl we would not be able to do any work on the "dog".



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                        Unfortunately people are still breeding hybrids, There are several known owners right here in N Michigan .And yes they are illegal to own here as well.


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                          Years ago, a wolf hybrid (part chow, yet) used to come into the clinic where I groomed, I did groom him twice, but then told the vet I wasn't comfortable grooming a wolf hybrid, he got very huffy, "Don't try to tell me it's a wolf hybrid, they aren't legal, it's a chow mix", "Whatever you want", I repied," but I am not grooming it again." And didn't. It was getting wierder and wierder, it was blue with yellowy greeny eyes, huge feet and teeth. Very wolfy looking.


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                            Originally posted by windfall4 View Post
                            I don't know anything about the wolves....I couldn't get over the "RARE CKC CHIHUHUAS"

                            I had no idea chihuahuas are rare. I guess you learn something new everyday...

                            Yeah, while I was waiting at the service station one day a lady was telling me about the "rare, teacup, apple head Chihuahua" that she was getting. Apparently the apple head was what made it so rare.


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                              For some reason i don't think they are actually wolf hybrids...I don't believe wolves have blue eyes, they can have them when they first are born (like alot of dogs) but they change colors as they get older. And they are only selling them for 350 in truth most people sell wolves for much more than that...
                              And they said wolfs which is kind of annoying!! At least spell it right.