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  • A first for me

    I've seen a lot of bad things but this dog grossed me out so bad I just had to send it home. I can usually get through what I'm doing but not this time. We've seen the dog before, although it wasn't me that did the grooming. The dog comes in and It didn't look all that bad and I didn't do a thorough check in exam. I knew it was getting a shave down and it wasn't badly matted. Well I start smelling something that smells like something dead and I realize it's coming from the dog. Not sure why I missed it when I checked it in that day. I decide to go ahead and get some hair off before the bath so I start shaving and finally flip open the ear and I think you could have knocked me down with a feather. It was pseudomonas i'm pretty sure. The yellow puss has caused large balls of black matted goo that totally obscurred the ear canal. I really just didn't even know where to start. I shaved the entire body and the head and face and everytime I tried to get anything off the ears I just about lost it. I finally decided the dog really needed a vet visit before I continued. I called them to come pick up cocoa. I charged them for the partial groom and told them once they took it to the vet to get the ear cleaned out and got some antibiotics in the dog for what was most likely a bacterial infection, we'd finish the haircut.

    I'm curious to know how many of you would have charged partially as I did and how many would have just sent it home and not charged anything. Hindsight being 20 20 I shouldn't have started it at all and I should have done a thorough exam prior to starting the haircut but alas I'm only human and messed up. I'm just hoping that the dog will actually get to go to the vet now that the hair has been taken off they might just throw it back into the back yard and forget about it till next year. I really hope not. I'm going to call them in a day or two and inquire as to how the dog is doing!!

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    I had a similar situation once. A cocker was brought in to be shaved down and when I got to his belly, he had severe urine burn and the worst case of maggots I've ever seen (and I have seen a few). We called our vet, because i thought he should go straight to a vet — do not pass go — but our vet said the best thing for the dog would be soap and water, so I got the rest of the hair off and bathed it. This was a Saturday morning, so we had the owner pick up the dog and take it to the vet right away so they could get there before the vet closed at noon; but also because the dog collapsed on me in the tub —*didn't even dry the dog, just wrapped it in a towel and sent them on their way. We told the client that he should bring the dog back in a couple weeks when he was feeling better and we would give him a bath and finish the groom. I not only charged full price for the dog (plus extra for dealing with the maggots), but added on enough to cover a "free" bath and tidy when it came back. That ensured that the dog would be back so I could finish the groom and even if it didn't come back we were compensated for dealing with the extra issues. I've dealt with too many cases where I said they could pay for the groom when it was finished, only to never see that particular dog again.

    Incidentally, we spoke with the vet the next week and he told us the dog would not have survived the weekend if we hadn't sent him in. After that, the owner started bringing the dog on a regular basis and he was a joy to groom.